Friday, July 30, 2010

On Parole - Demo (1982)

Here I bring you another infamous pioneer Oi!/Skinhead band. Even though they don't have any recognition for being one of the first skinhead bands, they were formed in 1979 in Livingston, Scottland along with other bands such as 'Criminal Class', 'Skrewdriver', '4 Skins' and other great bands from the era. The band had a short career and did not released an LP and not even an EP. On Parole went through many changes in their line up and finally recorded their 5 tracks demo tape in 1982. In 1983 they made their first and last apperance in the famous compilation released by 'No Future Records'; "A Country Fit For Heroes Vol 2" and shortly after the band split up. Too bad they did not release anything, I thought they were great and had that slow Oi! tempo style, kind of like Criminal Class. Great fucking Oi! band.

1. Condemned
2. Assault
3. Crown Court
4. No Justice
5. Grass