Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tolbiac's Toads & Snix - Split (1984)

Even if you are not a French speaker, you must listen to this! Snix and Tolbiac's Toads ruled the skinhead/oi! scene in France and became legends. I have done a previous post of Snix first LP where you can find it here with some more info about the band. In the other hand Tolbiac's Toads made a huge name for them selfs in Paris. Formed in may of 1982, the band did not played any shows until the end of year. By june of the '83 they released their first EP titled 'Zera' containing only 4 tracks, soon after that the band went through some member changes. It didn't take long for Snix and the Tolbiac's to release a split together, since they always mantained a good relation between both of the band, in 1984 their split was released havin 2 songs per band. Nothing more than a classic that impacted France and became an instant hit as well. As the years kept going by the band participated of a few more compilations. The band came to an end after vocalist 'Bruno' decided to come out of the closet which cause many of their fans to be pissed off. Even skinhead crews that supported the Tolbiac's from a day to the other they switch sides. They constantly got threats and violence was always provoked at their gigs. Even though I find it a bit weird. Tolbiac's Toads were a very patriotic band, macho looking, tought skins, and a bit lean to the right side. I guess when Bruno decided to announce that he was gay it made a big impact. And so I say, I don't care how problematic both of this bands were and all the shit they went through, they have to be my favourite. This is more than a gem, and you MUST listen to it!

Tolbiac's Toads
1. Aime
2. Tape Dans Le Mille
3. Fabrique En France
4. Judas Was A Skinhead


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