Thursday, November 19, 2009

Contra-Ataque - Demos and Lost Tracks (????)

I'm starting to run out of rare bands but this time I bring ya another gem from Brazil. The land where the girls are beautiful and where football is more than just a sport, I bring you 'Contra Ataque'. Formed in the late 80's in the city of Porto Alegre, Contra Ataque became an icon for the Carecas (Brazilian Skinheads) as well with Carbonario, Virus 27, and Histeria Oi!. The band appeared in 2 Brazilian Oi! compilations, 'Oi! um Grito De Uniao vol 2 and 3' released by Rotten Records. Influenced by British Oi!, the band made a name all over Brazil, but the punks never had a chance to see them due to divisions in the scene between punks and skins. By the mid 90's the band split up and guitarrist Ze Loco formed a continuation of Contra Ataque under the name of 'Corrosao', but until now the band has not released any full lengths, only demos.

1. Briga de Rua
2. Desemprego
3. Juventude Operária
4. Corrosão
5. Saida do Jogo
6. Reação
7. União
8. Skinhead


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Snix - Coeur De Lion (1985)

This got to be one of the best Oi! bands that came out of France. Snix, a classic skinhead/Oi! band formed in October of 1982 inspired by Oi! bands such as the Cockney Rejects, Angelic Upstarts, 4 Skins and other classic British bands, but what really made an impact in the band was the compilation Oi! the Album. Snix made their debut in the French compilation 'CHAOS En France Vol. 1' released by 'Chaos Production' in 1983. The band had a good affiliation with many of the skinhead bands in France, bands such as 'Brutal Combat', 'Warrior Kids', 'Brainwash' and others, but definitely they had a better relation with 'Tolbiac's Toeds' from Paris. Which caused both bands to release a split by Snix own record label in 1984. Not until 1985 the band signed to '77KK Records' and became part of another compilation, and that same year released their full length LP 'Coeur De Lion', which is considered to be a gem in French Oi!. The LP open many doors for the band not just in France but all over Europe. As the years kept going by, the band released one more full length and was invited to participate in many compilations. The band came to an end in the late 80's and sealed their name as one of the most rememberable bands in French Oi!. This is a great fucking album, I hope you like it.

1. Combats Et Chante
2. Fierté
3. Coeur De Lion
4. Skinhead
5. L'Energie Du Désespoir
6. Madou

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Angela Rippons Bum - Nice Arse Shame About The Face (2000)

Oi!'s most infamous and rarest band... 'Angela Rippon's Bum'. Formed in 1981 in the violent city of Tilbury, England, known for having the toughest skins in the 70's and 80's. Gangs such as the 'Tilbury Trojan Skins' supported the band and I'm pretty sure one of the members of ARB was in the gang. The played over 20 shows supporting bands like the Last Resort, The Business, and punk bands such as The Exploited. For not being a very well known band, Angela Rippon's had a massive skinhead following and were known for having violent shows. The band never released any full lengths or EPs, but they did participated in the infamous compilation 'Back On The Streets' released in 1982. The band split up in 1983 and never made a comeback. In 2000 'Guilty Records' collected all of their demos, live recordings and the songs that came out in the compilation and released a full length CD titled 'Nice Arse Shame About The Face', that same year an EP of the songs that were on the Back on the Streets compilations were released under the same name of the CD. Around 550 copies were pressed for the CD release of this legendary Oi! band from Tilbury. It's a MUST have!

1. Not Guilty
2. I Want Out
3. Skinheads
4. Fight for your Life
5. Normal Steel
6. Okey Cokey
7. Bank Holidays
8. Say Neahing
9. Dirty Old Man
10. We've Got It Sussed
11. On my Own
12. Poverty
13. Kill The Bill
14. Glue Sniffing Kids
15. 100 Fashions
16. Disco Destruction
17. Work Class Decay
18. Robot
19. Living in England
20. Not Guilty
21. Foreign Nightmare
22. The Sorer
23. Where Were You?
24. Nowhere World

Inspecter 7 - The Infamous (1997)

A little change to the blog, this time I'm bringing you the finest 2 Tone band from New Jersey/New York! Inspecter 7 formed in 1992 in New Brunswick, NJ in a desperation to bring back a 2-tone/Ska scene in the early 90's. The band started playing at parties and basement shows for the first year under the name of 'Agent 86'. Not until the end of 1993 the band renamed the band to 'Inspecter 7'. By the beginning of 94' kick off pretty hardcore and started to get some recognition. Started to play some more gigs in NYC and supported many of the local Skinhead and Punk bands at the time. In 1997 the band signs to 'Radical Records' and their first full length CD is released titled 'The Infamous', which made a big impact for the band. Their success did not last long, till the release of their second full-length 'Banished to Bogeyland' not having the same respond as their first one. By the end of the 90's the band was going for a split and had a few reunion shows. By 2003 the band called it a finished once for all. After Inspecter 7 the vocalist of the band formed a similar band under the name of 'Hub City Stompers', who till the day of today they are still playing. As for my taste they are not as good as Inspecter 7 but they put a good show.

1. The Infamous
2. Regret
3. Sharky 17
4. Brother Vs. Brother
5. Spy Front
6. Hub City Stompers
7. Cookin'
8. Channel 7
9. Agent 86
10. Big Slices
11. Popeye
12. Sleeping With the Enemy
13. See Ya
14. Melodie d'Amour
15. The Shape