Thursday, October 1, 2009

Skin Deep - Football Violence (1985)

What a great EP! this is a must-have in your collection. Either in vinyl format or mp3. Even though, if you do get a chance to get a copy of the original EP, it will cost a lot of money. 'Skin Deep' was formed in 1982 in the region of West Lothian, England. In 1985 the band released their only recorded album, 'Football Violence' by 'Enemy Records'. I believe around 1000 copies were sold, and they sold fast. The band split up the following year after the singer left the band and Skin Deep never made an attempt to regroup again. In 1989 the EP was repressed and the band participated in many Oi! compilations. Today these 3 tracks are ultra rare in the Oi! world, but they are some great fucking songs. Must have it!

1. Football Violence
2. Boots On His Feet
3. Count The Dead

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