Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Partisans - The Best Of The Partisans (1999)

If its not one of the best bands, it is defiantly on the top 5 of the best punk/oi! bands out there. Formed in 1978 in the country of Wales, Partisans represented Wales' in the late 70's and early 80's. In 1981 the band had their debut EP 'Police Story' released by 'No Future Records', being one of the first bands to be sign to the label. The EP went fabulous and sold every single copy spending 22 weeks in the Indie Charts peaking at No. 5, and the funny thing was, the band was still in high school when they released their first EP. That same year the journalist 'Garry Bushell' invited the band to participate on his third Oi! compilation 'Carry On Oi!'. The band contributed 'Arms Race' and 'No U Turns', and later found them selfs gigging with Oi! bands such as 'The Ejected', 'Blitz' and other bands from the label. It didn't take long for the band to release their second EP titled '17 Years Of Hell' in '82, becoming an anthem for the band. Even though some of the band members claim that it was one of their worst recordings. Partisans kept making a name for them selfs in London, where the scene was bigger. The band released their full length in 1983 titled 'The Partisans', and after that was when the band made some changes in their sound. Claiming they did not wanted to be part of the Oi!/punk scene anymore. It just did not seem right to them. From there on the band went a little bit more poppy sound, and many of their die hard fans quickly accused them of selling out. The band released a few more EP's and LP's with a different line up. Partisans split up in 1984 and made their comeback in the late 90's and still playing till today. Early Partisans.. a classic. For sure!

1. Police Story
2. Killing Machine
3. Arms Race
4. No U Turn
5. 17 Years Of Hell
6. Bastards In Blue
7. Power And The Greed
8. Mindless Violence
9. Don't Blame Us
10. I Don't Give A Fuck
11. Partisan
12. Blind Ambition
13. Change
14. Come Clean
15. Never Needed You
16. Time Was Right
17. Anger And Fear (You're All Alone)
18. Only 21
19. Run Go Grab
20. Eyes Shut


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Skin Deep - Football Violence (1985)

What a great EP! this is a must-have in your collection. Either in vinyl format or mp3. Even though, if you do get a chance to get a copy of the original EP, it will cost a lot of money. 'Skin Deep' was formed in 1982 in the region of West Lothian, England. In 1985 the band released their only recorded album, 'Football Violence' by 'Enemy Records'. I believe around 1000 copies were sold, and they sold fast. The band split up the following year after the singer left the band and Skin Deep never made an attempt to regroup again. In 1989 the EP was repressed and the band participated in many Oi! compilations. Today these 3 tracks are ultra rare in the Oi! world, but they are some great fucking songs. Must have it!

1. Football Violence
2. Boots On His Feet
3. Count The Dead