Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Condemned 84 - Face The Aggression (1988)

I know some of you will get pissed at me for this, but I don't care. Condemned 84 had to be one of the best bands from all time! Formed in 1980 under the name of 'Criminal Tendencies' and not till 1983 the band changed their name to 'Condemned'. By the release of their first demo tape in 1984, the band added the numbers '84' to the name. Condemned has always been a very controversial band, just like 'Combat 84'. The band never claimed to be part of any political movement, but they have open for many 'SHARP' and right-wing bands, which caused controversy. In 1986 the band had their debut LP titled 'Battle Scared' released by Rody Moreno's record label 'Oi! Records'. The mini LP sold out quick it became an instant success for the band. Not until 1988 when the band released one of their best albums 'Face The Aggression' by 'Grade 1 Records'. This time showing where the band was aiming for. The cover of the LP shows the violent sound and side of the band. As the years go by, nothing stopped the band from releasing more EP's and LP's. They've always been accussed of being a Fascist band, even though they still claimed to be non-political band. But I do have to say that a lot of right-wing skins follow the band. But then again, many other bands like Cockney Rejects and Sham 69 went through this. I don't care what people say and if they give me shit, 'Face The Aggression' is one of the best Oi! albums out there. A very original sound that no other band has it. Condemned has always been known for being a "either you hate us, or love us" band, and their fans are die hards.

1. Keep the faith
2. Blunt
3. Face the aggression
4. Our time will come
5. Warriors with pride
6. In the gutter
7. All out attack
8. Bullshit
9. Pride & the pain
10. Strenght to strenght
11. Land of hope and glory


Monday, September 14, 2009

VA - Wet Dreams (1984)

Hello hello, and sorry for the delay. I've been enjoying my summer and haven't had a chance to update the blog. But now I'm back and I bring you a great Punk and Oi! compilation released by 'Rot Records' in 1984. Weirdly the compilation was named after 'Clockwork Soldiers' first EP. I'm guessing they were the ones that put this LP together. The compilation has the same format as other unfamous compilation LP's such as 'A Country Fit For Heroes' and so on. With the purpose to help bands from that time to get their name out there. I think about 1000 copies were released. Bands like Clockwork Soldiers (later reformed as 'The Glory') and Resistance 77 got lucky and continued to spread their fame all over England and some countries in Europe. For the rest of the bands, I think but I'm not sure, Riot Squad also gained some notice but nothing too big. We'll thats about it. It's a great compilation. I hope you enjoy it!

1. Suicide (Clockwork Soldiers)
2. It's Our Life (X-Cretas)
3. In The Name Of Science (Clockwork Soldiers)
4. Familiarity (X-Crestas)
5. Wet Dreams (Clockwork Soldiers)
6. United And Fight (Riot Squad)
7. Friday Night Hero (Riot Squad)
8. Send In The S.A.S. (Resistance 77)
9. Communist Cunt (Resistance 77)
10. Shattered Glass (Paranoia)
11. Dissillusion (Paranoia)
12. Shocktrooper (External Menace)
13. Flower In The Gun (Dead Mans Shadow)
14. Hit And Run (Clockwork Soldier)
15. Dream (Clockwork Soldier)
16. What A Shame (Christianity B.C.)
17. Trinity (Christianity B.C.)
18. Waste Away (Breakout)