Monday, August 3, 2009

Vengeance - Demo (1986)

Don't have a lot of information about this band. But I do know they were from Norwich, England and formed in 1986. At first the band were half punk half skin and had an Oi! sound that attracted both tribes. The same year the band formed they released this demo. After guitarrist Tim and bass player Rach (woman) left the band, the band went towards a different change; new members and new ideals. The second generation of Vengeance became part of the far rightwing movement. I think they released one EP or maybe a full length and that was the end of the band, sometime around 1989. I like their first demo, and that's about it.

1. Vengeance
2. Against The Wall
3. British Army
4. Cries Of Oi!
5. Life Sentence
6. England's Glory
7. Borstal Breakout (Sham 69)


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  1. This LP was their second one by the way but was recorded before the first one. The first one was titled Forward into war. Both were released on the german label Rock-O-Rama (RRR 70 for Forward and RRR 78 for 1986). They also had 2 singles out on that label with different version of previously released songs. They were closed of the rightwing but never directly in it just as numerous other bands of that period such as Close Shave, Battle Zone, Guttersnipe Army and on...