Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Squats - Noise Overdose (1981)

The Squats were probably one of the most controversial bands in Nijmegen has ever known. The kind of teenagers you better could not have living next door to you. It seemed that they ruined more or less everything that came along their way. Formed in 1979 Nijmegen, Holland, the members of the band were from the ages of 14 to 17. Nasty teenage kids that had a lot to say. By 1980 The Squats gain recognition nationwide and even hopped over the border to Belgium several times. That same year the band recorded a live show in Rotterdam and released their debut album "The First, The Best, The Last?" by their own label 'Nep En Bedrog Records'. The following year 'Noise Overdose' EP was released again on their own label, and 500 copies were pressed. Their gigs were notorious for violence, and by 1982 The Squats had fed up with violence and accusations of being a right wing bang, the band call it a quit. The band never reformed, even though their fans wanted to see them one more time. It never happen. 

1. Chaos in Nijmegen
2. Shut Yer Bleeding Heart
3. We Hate School
4. City Cowboys
5. Ravensbruck


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