Tuesday, August 11, 2009

BOOK - Skins (Re published 2008)

If you could re capture and go back in time to see what the skins looked like and the trouble a bunch of dirty white working class kid got into, then I recomend you get a copy of the book 'Skins' by the fabulous photographer 'Gavin Watson'. Borned in London in 1965, at the age of 13 Wason bought his first camara and became obsessed with photography. A boy with no talent and money been extremely tight, Gavin had to make sure every photo he took had to be worth it. Belong to the Wycombe Skins, he began to take photos of his friends and mostly his phonogenic brother who was 5 years younger than him. Wherever Watson went, his camara was with him. Catching every single little second of him and his friends getting in trouble and representing what the Skinheads in the early 80's were. In 1994 Gavin released the book 'Skins', concidered to be a documented book on the most misunderstood subcultures by the mainstream. Skins marked history, and culture as well. In 2008 the book was re-published with more pictures, and a little bit of more information about him. Containing 147 pages of just photography. That same year he released another photography book called 'Skins & Punks: Lost Archives 1978-1985'. A fantastic photo journal, this time the book was much bigger, better paper, and some pictures were in color as well black in white. Both books have a touch of class and it just makes ya wish you were a teenage boy in those days.


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