Saturday, July 4, 2009

VIDEO: 4 Skins - BBC Nationwide Documentary (1981)

If you try to explain somebody that has nothing to do with any of the underground subcultures what skinhead is. You can tell them 20 billion times that they are not racist or fascist. They are still not going to get it, and still beleive they are nazis. This is exactly what happen to the '4 Skins'. In 1981 the British press and the channel BBC made a big deal of the release of the compilation LP 'Strength Thru Oi!'. Acussing all Skinheads of being fascist and Nazis.
'Tony Wilkinson', a BBC reporter goes beyond the lines of what Oi! music is. Most of the blame falls on the 4 Skins, acussed of being Nazis, and the disaster that occured at the Asian community in Southall. Garry Hodges tells the reportes that they have nothing to do with politics, and that they don't feel responsable for the catastrophe in the Asian community while playing with 'The Business' and other bands. Saying that it was a set up. Well... like I said in the beginning of the paragraph, doesn't matter how many times you tell them, they are still not going to get it. As the documentary goes on, Wilkinson makes an effort to destroy the image of Oi!, after he reads a few lines of the song 'Blood On The Streets' by 'Criminal Class'. A song that is about black and white youth fighting for equality. But in the documentary he skips a few lines, makes it seem that is about stomping black people. I find some humour in the video, it's just silly and ridiculous of how much of an effort they made to burn the image of the working class youth. Don't get me wrong, many skins in those days they were violent, thugs, had their own gangs, and not every single one of them was an angel. But it does not mean they have any affiliation with the right wing. It's funny when he goes to one of the 4 Skins show, and some of the kids in the crowd are wearing a Union Jack shirt saying, "some are wearing t-shirts that grated with the Union Jack, which happens among other things to be adopted by the National Front". And so, the kid that is wearing the t-shirt tells him that he is not a nazi, but just proud to be British. Once again the reporter does not beleive him, and the crowd starts to make a fool out of Wilkinson by sieg heiling the camara. One thing is for sure, the skinhead image will always be portraid as a fascist soldier, and it doesn't matter how much of an effort you make to make the world beleive that Skins are not Nazis, it's just not going to happen. Today Oi! has cleared its image, but they are still some hippies and anarchist punks giving the music and skins a hard time. But oh well, who gives a fuck about them. The skins and their music, they were the only ones that actually went through a hard time, any other subculture does not have the pride that the Skinheads have. Oi!

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