Monday, July 27, 2009

The Defects - Defected Breakdown (1983)

Want to hear some good punk? Make sure you get a copy of this LP (if you can find it, otherwise buy the CD). 'The Defects' was formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1978 having not a very good start. After playing many local shows the band sent a few demos to record labels, and when it fail they formed their own label called 'Casualty Records' and issued their debut single, "Dance (Til You Drop)". The single sold all two thousand copies, and brought the band to the attention of the UK music press. Soon after, 'Melody Maker' journalist Carol Clerk managed to get them a record deal with 'WXYZ Records', being labelmates with 'Anti-Nowhere League, Chron Gen, Chelsea and others. In 1982 the band embarked on the six-weeks 'So What UK tour' with the rest of the bands from WXYZ label. That same year their second single 'Survival' was released and managed to reach number 8 in the UK Indie Chart. The following year the band recorded their debut and only album 'Defected Breakdown' and sold out every single copy. The Defects released on more single title 'Suspicious Minds' in 1984 but it did not sell well. The band split up the same year and did not regrouped till 1996 to play their one and last perfomance at the at the Pavilion festival, which later came out on VHS. In 1994 Captain Oi! Records reissued 'Defected Breakdown' onto a CD format, including tracks from their single. The Defects were a great band, in a way they kind of remind me of the Australian band 'Vicious Circle'. I hope you like it.

1. Dance
2. 20th Century
3. Survival
4. Deprived
5. Killer On The Street
6. Bitch
7. Defective Breakdown
8. Conscription
9. Casualty
10. We Don't Care
11. Live In Pain
12. Head On Collision
13. Metal Walls
14. Thoughts


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