Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Criminal Class - Fighting The System EP (1982)

Criminal Class had to be Oi! first Skinhead band. Even though Skrewdriver had a skinhead image around '78. They weren't really skins, they just changed their image from punk to skin due to fashion. Not even the 4 Skins were an all skinhead band. Criminal Class was formed in Coventry, England in 1979 being one of the first Oi!/Skinhead band to emerge. The band made their debut in the compilation 'Strength Thru Oi!' in 1981 by 'Deca Records'. Which turn out to be a catastrophe to all the bands that appeared on the compilation, due to violence that occured in South Hall that same year. The following year the band released their only single, 'Fighting The System' in 1982 by 'Tempest Records'. Even though the band had slow tempo songs, their lyrics were very powerfull. Had to do with corruption in England, the Falklands War, police brutality, black and white unity, and more. The band split up in the mid 80's and later reformed again in 2000 after the release of the CD 'Blood on the Streets: Oi! Collection' by Captain Records. Recolecting tracks from the EP, Strength Thru Oi!, demos, and tracks that were never released. Today, I'm not sure if the band is still active. I heard they were going to record some new tracks and release a new CD, but that never happen. For this EP I decided to add two more tracks, 'Blood on the Streets' from Strength Thru Oi!, and 'Running Away' the unreleased track. I hope you like it.

1. Fighting The System
2. Soldier

3. Blood on the Streets
4. Running Away


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  1. Criminal Class!
    One of my fav bands and my most prized 7 inch. Moving to Austin, TX in 2011, check out my old punk band from the early 90's...gonna have an Oi! band in Texas...here's the OLD band: