Friday, July 3, 2009

The Crack - All Cracked Out: Demos & Rarities (2000)

If there was any justice in the music industry The Crack would have been fucking massive! Been around in the Oi! scene since 1982, The Crack was one of the most talented Oi! bands at their time. Even though they sounded very similar to bands like 999 and other Mod Rocker bands, they had a large skinhead and punk following. The band made their debut album 7 years after they were formed, released by 'Link Records' in '89 titled 'In Search of The Crack' LP. The Crack appeared in numerous compilation, and participated in big festivals such as 'Holidays in The Sun' and others. The band split up in the mid 90's, and nowdays reforms everyonce in a while. Mostly for large gigs and festivals. Today, The Crack marked their name in the Oi! world, and their albums are still being sell like if they were brand new. In 2000 'Captain Oi! Records' released all 3 singles, demo, and rare songs onto one CD titled 'All Cracked Up: The Demos & Rarities', a great album! Tracks like 'Don't You Ever Let Me Down', 'Going Out', and 'The Troops Have Landed' are my favorite ones. Get a copy of this album either on CD or Mp3 format. Enjoy!

1. Don't You Ever Let Me Down
2. I Can't Take It
3. Going Out
4. The Troops Have Landed
5. All Or Nothing
6. I Caught You Out
7. We've Got A Right To Know
8. Take Me Away - (original version)
9. Nag Nag Nag - (original version)
10. That's The Way
11. Wait Till The Day Arrives
12. Battle Song, The
13. My World - (original version)
14. Hard Road - (original version)
15. Where Are The Glory Boys - (original version)
16. Don't Just Sit There - (original version)
17. Everybody's Dreaming - (second version)
18. Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting
19. One Of The Boys
20. Listen To Me