Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Violators - The No Future Years (2005)

Here's another classic from the early 80's. 'The Violators' was formed in 1981 in New Mills, England and it was a mixture of punks and skins in their line up. In their beiginnings the band sounded very similar to 'Vice Squad' and 'The Expelled'. The band made their debut on the 'A Country Fit For Heroes' 12" in 1981 by 'No Future Records'. The following year they released their first EP titled 'Gangland' followed by 'Summer of 81' in 1982 again by No Future. Few weeks after the release of their second EP, vocalist Helen and guitarrist Coley splited from the band to form their own band call Taboo, but never issued any singles. Meanwhile The Violators have recruited a new vocalist called Louise and guitarist Andy who was formally with "Skin Graft". The second generation of The Violators changed their sound. This time with heavier vocals and songs. The band always kept their clockwork sound, which they are known for. Violators released a few more singles, but never a full length. Later in 2005, 'Captain Oi! Records' once again managed to get the tracks from all of their singles and compilations they appeared and relesead this fantastic CD. The band split up in the mid 80's, and marked history with their clockwork images and noises in the punk culture. Enjoy!

1. Die With Dignity
2. Government Stinks
3. Pointless Slaughter
4. Gangland
5. Fugitive
6. Summer of '81
7. Live Fast Die Young
8. Life on the Red Line
9. Crossings of Sangsara - Violators, Marchington
10. Affections - Violators, Taboo
11. VSlow Down - Violators, Taboo
12. Young Blades - Violators, Taboo
13. Revenge (Crossings of Sangsara) - Violators, Marchington
14. Life on the Red Line


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  1. Thanks alot for the interesting write-up! Great band, always liked 'em.

    Happy 2010!