Tuesday, May 26, 2009

VA - Capitol Kaos (1984)

If you are keeping track of the albums I've been posting, this is a continuation of New Zealand's punk. Vocalist 'Void' from 'Riot 111' organized one of the biggest punk events in the history of Punk in the NZ island. 1983 was the year where all the second wave punk bands from all over the country came together and played for the whole day. Bands like 'No Tag', 'Flesh D-Vice', 'Riot 111', 'Ayrian Army (ECF)' and other great bands from the era. Sadly the festival turned into chaos after the police invasion. Other factors for shutting down the fest was the violence between skinheads, maori gangs, and selfish girlfriends. Still today is concidered to be the most historic festival in the kiwi island. One year after 'Jayrem Records' released live tracks and sealed turning a historic LP. I hope you like it.

1. Ayrian Army - Filthy Punk Rocker
2. Riot 111 - Riot Fever
3. No Tag - What A Great Cuntry
4. Flesh D-Vice - Dead Girls
5. Desperate Measures - 1984
6. Riot 111 - Move To Riot
7. 1st XV - Fascist Tango
8. 1st XV - Do Th'Jug
9. 1st XV - Residental Background
10. 1st XV - Pulled Off
11. Riot 111 - Ake Ake Ake
12. Final Solution - Never Can Tell
13. Desolator - You're Gonna Go Down
14. Aftershock - You Don't Look
15. Flesh D-Vice - Fuck Off Embarassment
16. Zyklon-B - Youth On Our Side


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