Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Perdition - You Don't Have To DEMO (1983)

In the early 80's, bands like Vicious Circle, Depression, and Civil Dissident were the best punk bands in Australia, but you can't leave 'Perdition' to the side. Formed sometime in 1983 in Adelaide in the southern side of the gigantic island of Australia. The band released a few demo tapes but 'You Don't Have To' and 'A Positive Alternative Torture' were the most notorious ones released in 1983. One of Perdition's best impresion was when they played with the Dead Kennedys show in september of '83, they manage to impress a large amount of people. In 1984 'Reactor Records' released the band's debut album titled 'The Intoxicated EP' and only 500 copies were pressed. One year later Reactor would re-release the record onto a 12" to improve the mix. The band managed to do very well in the east side of Australia and having great tours, but they had a hard time playing in their own city. In 1985 Perdition released their second album 'How To Teach Your Budgie To Talk' LP once again by Reactor Records, and 1000 copies were pressed. unfortunately, it was one of the label's poorest selling records, as the band had moved in a less "hardcore" direction. That same year they released a split with the Melbourne band, 'Vicious Circle', which came out on the 'Flipside Records' from the U.S. Although this brought the band to an end, do to heading to a poppier sound, the band called it a quit. Still concidered to be one of the best punk bands from Australia.

1. Do We Have A Future
2. Degeneration
3. I'm Laughing
4. Dirty Bastards
5. Mass Destruction
6. Isn't It A Pity
7. Change
8. New Anarchy
9. Knife Attack


Inteview from Regression Zine #8 HERE

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