Sunday, May 17, 2009

Flesh D-Vice - 12 Inches Of Hard Flesh (1983)

I bring back another gem from New Zealand. 'Flesh D-Vice' had to be one of the best punk bands and most influencial 2nd wave punk in New Zealand. The band formed in 1980 and in their beginnings they had an Oi!/77 sound. The band quickly made a name for them self after the released of their debut album '12 Inches of Hard Flesh' LP in 1983 by 'Jayrem Records'. Concidered to be an Oi! band at first, shared stages with the skins from 'No Tag', even though the drummer and bass player Richard Watts from Flesh D-Vice were the only skinheads in the band. Watts later left the band after the release of the first LP. The following year the band appeared in the fabulous live compilation LP titled 'Capitol Kaos' released by 'Kaos Records'. Bands like 'No Tag', 'Riot 111', 'Aryan Army' and others appeared on the compilation. By 1984 the band released their second full-length 'Some Blood Stained Morning' by 'Jayrem Records' again. This time the band made some changes in their sound and it was going more towards the 'New Wave'. Flesh D-Vice released one more full-length album and a few EP's and also appeared on a few more compilations. Ten years after the band formed, they called it a quit. Today getting hold of their early LP's and EP's is quite hard and very expensive. For the ones who would like to buy some of their early material try checking Ebay or TradeMe (NZ bitting site). Enjoy it!

1. Baby On My Mind
2. Dead Girls
3. War Boots
4. Fuck Off Embarrasment
5. Friday Nites
6. Desolation Dogs
7. Kill That Girl Well!


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