Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dose Brutal - Dose Brutal CD (1995)

Brazil in the 80's had many great punk bands, but no punk band can compare to 'Dose Brutal'. Formed in the gigantic city of Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1980, Dose Brutal became one of the few bands to play for punks and skins, considere to be a Skunx band. By 1982 the unity between punks and skins split up and it made it hard for some bands to choose a side. Bands like 'Garotos Podres' and 'Virus 27' went towards the skinhead scene, even though Dose Brutal still managed to play for both tribes. In 1982 they were invited to play in the biggest punk festival in the history of Brazilian Punk 'O Começo Do Fim Do Mundo', the following year 'Face Da Morte Records' released live recordings from the festival on an LP. The band recorded a few demos and hit the studio in '85. They released their debut LP 'Dose Brutal' in 1987 by 'Radykaos Records' containing 7 tracks that you can see on one of the images that I've posted. Later in 1995 'ABC Records' released the same LP on a CD format including tracks from their early demos. Soon after the released of their self-titled LP the band hit the studio again the following year and recorded tracks for their second album 'Vadia' EP. The band split up before they had a chance to release the EP. In 2000 'Oi! Hammer Records' from Germany released 500 copies of 'Vadia' and sold out quick. Dose Brutal never made a comeback, but it still concidered one of the best bands that ever came out from Sao Paulo. Loved by punks and skins, even though it's ironic since both of them hate each other. I hope you like it.

1. Destino
2. Violencia
3. Humilhados
4. Carro Bomba
5. Vou Nao Vou
6. Policia
7. Anarquia Organizada
8. Jovens Explorados
9. Abandonados
10. Gritos De Guerra
11. Mundo Cruel
12. Violencia
13. O Que Fazer?
14. Desgraça Do Pais
15. Cuidado Rapaz



  1. Where's the link to download this album dude?

    Anyway, your blog is awesome Oi! from Ecuador