Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Insane - El Salvador (1982)

No, this is not another hispanic band hahahah. I do have to say they are a fucking amazing band. 'The Insane' was formed in 1981 in Wigan, England and had their debut EP 'Politics' released by 'Riot City Records' that same year. The following year the band put out their most famous single 'El Salvador' released by 'No Future Records'. This time with a more of an Oi!-ish sound compare to their first single. The band put out one more single and a split with the 'Skeptix', never released a full-length studio album. The band split up in the mid-80's. In 1999 'Captain Oi! Records' once again released another great 'The Punk Collection' split, and this time The Insane with 'Blitzkrieg', a band who they share members with. I hope you enjoy this gem, I couldn't resist not posting.

1. El Salvador
2. Chinese Rock
3. Nuclear War


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