Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Comando Suicida - Al K.O. (1987)

If you were not aware, there's been skinheads in 'South America' since 1979. Born in the large city of Sao Paulo, Brasil. Punk gangs in the late 70's started imitating the image and attitude from the British Oi! skins and punks. By the begining of the 80's the first skinheads of Brazil ('Carecas', Brazilian skins) expanded all over South America. In 1983 Sergito and his boys were the first skinheads in Argentina. 'Comando Suicida' was born that same year in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina and the band started first as a punk band, imitating the 'Sex Pistols'. By the end of the 'Falklands War' Comando cut all relations with the punks and changed their sound towards the Oi! anthems. Inspired by the 'Cockney Rejects' and the '4 Skins', Comando Suicida has to be one of the best Oi! bands in South America, even today. 'Al K.O.' EP was released in 1987 by 'Radio Tripoli Records'. As years went by, the band had numerous changes of members. Today, 'Sergito' the vocalist is the only original member. Comando also appeared in the amazing compilation released by Radio Tripoli in 1988 titled 'Invasion 88' as well as other great punk bands from the era. By the early 2000's the band released their masterpiece LP 'Sentimiento Inexplicable' dedicated to all the football hooligans, barra bravas, and football teams. Every single song in the album is about fooball. Well, I hope you like this EP. Comando Suicida has to be my favorite band. Enjoy!

1. Me Cago En La Yuta
2. Grito Proletario
3. Carecas
4. Kaos (4 Skins Cover)


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