Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Clockwork Soldiers - Demo and EP (1984-1985)

I bring you another great Oi!/Punk band from the mid-80's. I'm not quite sure when the band was form, but I'm guessing the same year they released their first demo in '84. I do know the band is from Liecester, England. The band split up after their first and only EP was released, titled 'Wet Dreams' in 1984 by 'Rot Records', the band put out one more demo and call it a quit. One of the main reasons why the band split up was due to the constant rioting at their gigs. One of the most notably was the riot against 'The Oppressed' crew in Cardiff and with the 'Hereford Skins' after 'The Exploited' gig at the Market Tavern. After 'Clockwork Soldiers' split up, singer 'Timo' formed the patriotic band call 'The Glory' which it didn't either last long. I hope you enjoy this.

Demo '84
1. Day To Day
2. Kids On The Streets
3. Clockwork Land

Wet Dreams EP (1984)

1. In The Name Of Science
2. Suicide
3. Wet Dreams

Demo '85
1. It's A Sham
2. Out Of My Head
3. Lies


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