Friday, April 3, 2009

Antidote - My Life (1999)

I'm back and still bringing more great records for your listening pleasure. This got to be Holland's best punk band of all time. These punk drunkasses brought back the spirit of Punk with the revolution of street punk. The band started in 1996 and released their first 7 inch titled "Bounce The Bouncer" released by their own label 'Injection Records' in 1997, only 100 copies were made. That same year the band did a mini tour in Germany. The following year Antidote released one of their greatest EP's and an anthem for all the drunks titled "Let's Get Drunk", and amazing 7 inch that I wish I had. As time kept passing by, they made a name for them selfs in the U.S. when they did an East Coast tour with New York heroes 'The Casualties', which they advertised their first full-length album "My Life", which in my opinion is the band's best LP. Every song is dedicated to what punk really is as well as great tunes to get drunk to. After this it was going to be one of the many times Antidote visited American soil. By 2000 they get signed to 'Dirty Faces Records' and their second full-length comes out, 'Go Pogo'. Still a good LP, not as good as the first ones. The band would put out many great LPs, EPs, and splits. Now they just released their 5th disc called "No Communication". I don't think is that great, in fact, I think it sucks. For my taste, "Back In Year Zero" is the last LP that was good, in fact, very good. After that they made some changes in their sound. Also, when Antidote released "My Life", they released a 'Promo' video-clip that was aired on European MTV, hahahaha, which is funny in a way. But I do have to say its a good video. Well, thats all. Enjoy

1. Do You Remember
2. All Wrong
3. Stuck In Your Views
4. Let's Get Drunk
5. 15 In '77
6. Fuck Politics
7. Too Late
8. Rat Race
9. Automatically
10. This Is Me
11. Fuck You
12. I Don't Care
13. Punkrock For Sale
14. Waste Of Time
15. Live Fast
16. Senseless Violence
17. Money
18. My Life
19. Let's Get Back To Punk
20. I Like You


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