Monday, April 20, 2009

A.B.H. & Subculture - The Oi! Collection (1998)

Another two great bands from the 80's. Live I've said before in the other 'The Oi! Collection' post, there's got to be hundreds of Oi! bands in the 80's that had more potential and attitude than the over-rated bands like the 'Cockney Rejects', '4 Skins', and others. 'A.B.H.' was formed in 1982, released two self-recorded demos in '82 and '83 but had their first release in great 'A Country Fit For Heroes Vol. 2' compilation in '83 by 'No Future Records'. The band also re-apeared in on the 'Oi! of Sex' compilation (1984) put by the Oi! journalist 'Garry Bushell'. On the other hand 'Subculture' was formed in the early 1983 and released their first and only EP by 'Essential Records' titled 'Loud & Clear'. A year before the release of their EP the band appeared on the 'Oi! Oi! Thats Yer Lot' complation LP by 'Secret Records'. Both bands split up in the late 80's, even though, A.B.H. took a different path and became part of the right wing movement with different line up. Still, this is a great Split, containing the early recordings of both bands. I hope you like it.


1. Country Boy Rocker
2. Wanna Riot
3. Don't Mess With The S.A.S.
4. 999
5. Teenage Aggression
6. Concrete Jungle
7. Kids Of The Nation
8. Pissed On Arrival

9. Stick Together
10. Loud & Clear
11. Rogue Trooper
12. University City
13. In My Time
14. Saga Of Working Life
15. University City (Demo)
16. Voice Of The Young
17. Better Than You
18. Harmonics (instrumental)


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  1. ABH were also a nazi band and were on a comp with Skrewdriver and Brutal Attack called This is White Noise.
    They were NF.