Thursday, April 30, 2009

VA - Strength Thru Oi! (1981)

Oi!, what a great album this is. Yet, it was another controversial album in the Oi! world. It was compiled by the Oi! journalist Garry Bushell, who also released 'Oi! The Album' the previous year. What made it so controversial was that the media for the first time had a look on what Oi! really was. Instead of listening to the lyrics of the bands, they concentrated more on the album cover. 'Nick Crane' the skin in the front cover was a Nazi (gay who later died of AIDS), it was a mistake of having him. Garry and his fellows who helped him put this LP they did not know he was part of the NS movement, till later after the released when they saw a few nazi tattoos on him. The media made a big deal of it, and accused Oi! of being fascist music. It's even more surprising that the media made such a big effort to go beyond an underground music to find out the life of Nick Crane. After the accusations of being a fascist album, it was banned from all records stores. 'Decca Records' and 'Sounds Magazine' (where Garry work) had to apologise for the mistake, even though it made no diference. Through the 80's and still today Oi! music was concidered fascist music and skins gained a bad reputation of being nazis. Even though, many skins joined the National Front in the 80's. Well, today I don't think what happen back then matters anymore, in fact, I don't think a lot of people are aware of what even happen. Strength Thru Oi! has to be one of the best Oi! compilations out there. Enjoy!

1. Garry Johnson - National Service
2. 4-Skins - 1984
3. The Strike - Gang Warfare
4. Infa Riot - Riot Riot
5. Garry Johnson - Dead End Yobs
6. Last Resort - Working Class Kids
7. Criminal Class - Blood On the Streets
8. Toy Dolls - She Goes To Fino's
9. Barney Rubble - Best Years Of Our Lives
10. Cock Sparrer - Taken For A Ride (We Think You Don't)
11. Infa Riot - We Outnumber You
12. Garry Johnson - New Face Of Rock 'N' Roll
13. Barney Rubble - Beans
14. The Splodge - We're Pathetique
15. 4-Skins - Sorry
16. Cock Sparrer - Running Riot
17. Last Resort - Johnny Barden
18. The Splodge - Isubaleene (Part 2)
19. Criminal Class - Running Away
20. The Strike - Skinhead
21. Toy Dolls - Deidre's A Slag
22. Shaven Heads - Harbour Mafia Mantra (An Acapella Delight)


Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Insane - El Salvador (1982)

No, this is not another hispanic band hahahah. I do have to say they are a fucking amazing band. 'The Insane' was formed in 1981 in Wigan, England and had their debut EP 'Politics' released by 'Riot City Records' that same year. The following year the band put out their most famous single 'El Salvador' released by 'No Future Records'. This time with a more of an Oi!-ish sound compare to their first single. The band put out one more single and a split with the 'Skeptix', never released a full-length studio album. The band split up in the mid-80's. In 1999 'Captain Oi! Records' once again released another great 'The Punk Collection' split, and this time The Insane with 'Blitzkrieg', a band who they share members with. I hope you enjoy this gem, I couldn't resist not posting.

1. El Salvador
2. Chinese Rock
3. Nuclear War


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Comando Suicida - Al K.O. (1987)

If you were not aware, there's been skinheads in 'South America' since 1979. Born in the large city of Sao Paulo, Brasil. Punk gangs in the late 70's started imitating the image and attitude from the British Oi! skins and punks. By the begining of the 80's the first skinheads of Brazil ('Carecas', Brazilian skins) expanded all over South America. In 1983 Sergito and his boys were the first skinheads in Argentina. 'Comando Suicida' was born that same year in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina and the band started first as a punk band, imitating the 'Sex Pistols'. By the end of the 'Falklands War' Comando cut all relations with the punks and changed their sound towards the Oi! anthems. Inspired by the 'Cockney Rejects' and the '4 Skins', Comando Suicida has to be one of the best Oi! bands in South America, even today. 'Al K.O.' EP was released in 1987 by 'Radio Tripoli Records'. As years went by, the band had numerous changes of members. Today, 'Sergito' the vocalist is the only original member. Comando also appeared in the amazing compilation released by Radio Tripoli in 1988 titled 'Invasion 88' as well as other great punk bands from the era. By the early 2000's the band released their masterpiece LP 'Sentimiento Inexplicable' dedicated to all the football hooligans, barra bravas, and football teams. Every single song in the album is about fooball. Well, I hope you like this EP. Comando Suicida has to be my favorite band. Enjoy!

1. Me Cago En La Yuta
2. Grito Proletario
3. Carecas
4. Kaos (4 Skins Cover)


Clockwork Soldiers - Demo and EP (1984-1985)

I bring you another great Oi!/Punk band from the mid-80's. I'm not quite sure when the band was form, but I'm guessing the same year they released their first demo in '84. I do know the band is from Liecester, England. The band split up after their first and only EP was released, titled 'Wet Dreams' in 1984 by 'Rot Records', the band put out one more demo and call it a quit. One of the main reasons why the band split up was due to the constant rioting at their gigs. One of the most notably was the riot against 'The Oppressed' crew in Cardiff and with the 'Hereford Skins' after 'The Exploited' gig at the Market Tavern. After 'Clockwork Soldiers' split up, singer 'Timo' formed the patriotic band call 'The Glory' which it didn't either last long. I hope you enjoy this.

Demo '84
1. Day To Day
2. Kids On The Streets
3. Clockwork Land

Wet Dreams EP (1984)

1. In The Name Of Science
2. Suicide
3. Wet Dreams

Demo '85
1. It's A Sham
2. Out Of My Head
3. Lies


Monday, April 20, 2009

A.B.H. & Subculture - The Oi! Collection (1998)

Another two great bands from the 80's. Live I've said before in the other 'The Oi! Collection' post, there's got to be hundreds of Oi! bands in the 80's that had more potential and attitude than the over-rated bands like the 'Cockney Rejects', '4 Skins', and others. 'A.B.H.' was formed in 1982, released two self-recorded demos in '82 and '83 but had their first release in great 'A Country Fit For Heroes Vol. 2' compilation in '83 by 'No Future Records'. The band also re-apeared in on the 'Oi! of Sex' compilation (1984) put by the Oi! journalist 'Garry Bushell'. On the other hand 'Subculture' was formed in the early 1983 and released their first and only EP by 'Essential Records' titled 'Loud & Clear'. A year before the release of their EP the band appeared on the 'Oi! Oi! Thats Yer Lot' complation LP by 'Secret Records'. Both bands split up in the late 80's, even though, A.B.H. took a different path and became part of the right wing movement with different line up. Still, this is a great Split, containing the early recordings of both bands. I hope you like it.


1. Country Boy Rocker
2. Wanna Riot
3. Don't Mess With The S.A.S.
4. 999
5. Teenage Aggression
6. Concrete Jungle
7. Kids Of The Nation
8. Pissed On Arrival

9. Stick Together
10. Loud & Clear
11. Rogue Trooper
12. University City
13. In My Time
14. Saga Of Working Life
15. University City (Demo)
16. Voice Of The Young
17. Better Than You
18. Harmonics (instrumental)


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chron Gen - The Best Of (1994)

Chronical Generation, or better known as 'Chron Gen'. The band started in 1977 as 'The Condemned' and later changed their name that same year. In 1981 they had their debut EP titled 'Puppets Of War' which it turned into a success. The band toured with 'The Exploited', 'Anti-Pastie', 'Discharge', and 'Anti Nowhere Leage' in the infamous 'Apocalypse Tour'. Later released a Live LP of the Chron Gen set. In 1994 'Captain Oi! Records' (once again releasing another great album) released the best and full discography of the band. I have no idea when the band came to an end, but I'm gessing it did during the 80's. Enjoy!

1. Puppets Of War
2. Mindless Few
3. Lies
4. Chron Gen
5. Reality
6. Subway Sadist
7. Jet Boy Jet Girl
8. Clouded Eyes
9. Hounds Of The Night
10. LSD
11. You Make Me Spew
12. You'll Never Change Me
13. Rocka Bill
14. Friends Tell Me Lies
15. Living Next Door To Alice
16. Outlaw
17. Behind Closed Doors
18. Disco Tech'
19. Too Much Talk
20. Misadventure
21. Breakdown
22. Pretend
23. Fiasco
24. Pictures Paint Minds
25. Abortions (Live)
26. Ripper (Live)


Monday, April 13, 2009

100% British Oi! (2005)

Well, the title says it all. It has to be the best Oi! collection ever released. Once again 'Captain Oi! Records' did an amazing job releasing this compilation. There's not much to say about it, it does contain some unreleased tracks and rare bands as well. That's all I can tell you, I hope you love this as much as I do!

1. Don’t Mess With The SAS - ABH
2. Victory In Poland - Angelic Upstarts
3. 1980’s - Anti Establishment
4. Official Hooligan - Anti Social
5. Today’s Generation - Attak
6. Age That Didn’t Care - Barbed Wire
7. Warrior - Blitz
8. Such Fun - Blood
9. Friday Night - Burial
10. Product - Business
11. Beginning Of The End - Cockney Rejects
12. Chip On My Shoulder - Cock Sparrer
13. Poseur - Combat 84
14. Oi Ain’t Dead - Condemned 84
15. Going Out - Crack
16. Fighting The System - Criminal Class
17. CIA - Crux
18. Have You Got 10p - Ejected
19. Dr Crippins - Five O
20. Sorry - 4 Skins

21. Jobs Not Jails - Gonads
22. Addicted To Love - Guttersnipes
23. Riot Riot - Infa Riot
24. Ghost Town - Intensive Care
25. Resort Bootboys - Last Resort
26. Screwed Up - Menace
27. White Flag - Menace
28. 17 Years Of Hell - Partisans
29. Up Yer Bum - Peter & The Test Tube Babies
30. Generation Landslide - Prole
31. Take No Prisoners - Red Alert
32. For The Love Of Oi - Section 5
33. Borstal Breakout - Sham 69
34. Football Violence - Skin Deep
35. Situations - Slaughter & The Dogs
36. Pathetique - Splodgenessabounds
37. Skinhead - Strike
38. Loud And Clear - Subculture
39. Anytime Day Or Night - Vicious Rumors
40. Horror Show - Warriors


Friday, April 3, 2009

Antidote - My Life (1999)

I'm back and still bringing more great records for your listening pleasure. This got to be Holland's best punk band of all time. These punk drunkasses brought back the spirit of Punk with the revolution of street punk. The band started in 1996 and released their first 7 inch titled "Bounce The Bouncer" released by their own label 'Injection Records' in 1997, only 100 copies were made. That same year the band did a mini tour in Germany. The following year Antidote released one of their greatest EP's and an anthem for all the drunks titled "Let's Get Drunk", and amazing 7 inch that I wish I had. As time kept passing by, they made a name for them selfs in the U.S. when they did an East Coast tour with New York heroes 'The Casualties', which they advertised their first full-length album "My Life", which in my opinion is the band's best LP. Every song is dedicated to what punk really is as well as great tunes to get drunk to. After this it was going to be one of the many times Antidote visited American soil. By 2000 they get signed to 'Dirty Faces Records' and their second full-length comes out, 'Go Pogo'. Still a good LP, not as good as the first ones. The band would put out many great LPs, EPs, and splits. Now they just released their 5th disc called "No Communication". I don't think is that great, in fact, I think it sucks. For my taste, "Back In Year Zero" is the last LP that was good, in fact, very good. After that they made some changes in their sound. Also, when Antidote released "My Life", they released a 'Promo' video-clip that was aired on European MTV, hahahaha, which is funny in a way. But I do have to say its a good video. Well, thats all. Enjoy

1. Do You Remember
2. All Wrong
3. Stuck In Your Views
4. Let's Get Drunk
5. 15 In '77
6. Fuck Politics
7. Too Late
8. Rat Race
9. Automatically
10. This Is Me
11. Fuck You
12. I Don't Care
13. Punkrock For Sale
14. Waste Of Time
15. Live Fast
16. Senseless Violence
17. Money
18. My Life
19. Let's Get Back To Punk
20. I Like You