Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rough - Indelebile (2004)

Well, hello again. I'm back and this time this blog it keeps getting better. I bring you a gem in Italian Oi!. If you haven't heard it, or have not been educated yet, 'Rough' has to be Italy's best Oi! band from all times! This is my favorite band from Italy, as well as 'Nabat'. Rough started around 1980 in Torino and was one of the first Oi! bands as well as one of the first Skinheads in Italy and Torino it self. Recorded and released their first EP in '82 titled 'Torino E La Mia Citta'. In 1984 they were invited to be part of a tape compilation titled 'Ahhhh... Italian Punk!', but not till the following year when they appeared on the 'Quelli Che Urlano Ancora' compilation released and put together by C.A.S. Records, a self-independent label by the band Nabat, 'No Politica' was the title of the track and it was concider one of their rare songs, even though you can find it on some of their old demos. After Rough appeared in that last compilation, they quickly desintegrated and that was the end of the best, loudest, and the most unfamous Oi! skinhead band from Italy. By the early 2000, a few ex members and fans recolected some of their demos, first EP and a 7 song live track and turned it into this magnificant album, it was released by 'Oi! Strike Records'. It was only released as a CD format. Well, took me a while to find this, but I hope you like you it!

1. No Politica
2. Comunicato
3. N'oi
4. Borghesi
5. No Politica
6. Torino E La Mia Citta
7. No Mai
8. Riot In The Street
9. Abuse Of Power
10. Restiamo Uniti (N'oi)
11. Italian Skin
12. Rebel Boy
13. Abuse Of Power
14. Riot In The Street
15. Live In Padova (7 tracks in one)
16. Grezzo


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