Sunday, March 8, 2009

VA - Oi!... Rare & Exotica (1997)

This is an amaizing compilation released in 1997 by 'Teenage Rebels Records' from Germany. The purpose was to put an LP of Oi! bands from all over the world except the UK and USA since finding bands from both countries are easy and have a bigger chance to be known over the world. A thousand copies were made then it was later reissue as a CD. Today it's very hard to get this LP in your hands, and if you do find it I garantee you it will cost a lot of money. The compilation made great success that it was later released a Volume 2 in 1999 by different bands from all over the world once again and again the UK and USA did not make part of the compilation. I think both volumes are great, I will post the volume 2 soon. Enjoy it!

1. Reich orgasm - Futur Pour Tous (FRA)
2. Hope And Glory - Working Class (ITA)
3. Central Do Brasil - Eternos Amigos (BRA)
4. Cockney Cocks - Standers Rule (JAP)
5. 12 Pointbuck - Dead Hero (CAN)
6. Rezystencja - Rezystencja (POL)
7. Zona A - Muz S Kozusinoym Rimcom (TCH)
8. Psychoterror - Let's Oi! (EST)
9. Mata Ratos - Eu Tenho Um Pobre (POR)
10. La Leche - Los Planetas (COL)
11. Antisociales - Ultimos Rockers (MEX)
12. Stromberg Polka - Hoffnung (ALL)
13. Birthward '82 - Modern Trouble (GRE)
14. Ocho Bolas - Lautaro Rocanrol (CHI)
15. Comando Suicida - Grito Proletario (ARG)
16. Maniacs - Unite (SIN)
17. Quick & The Dead - Pyramid Party (AUS)
18. Agent Bulldogg - Justitiemord (SUE)
19. Kohu 63 - Kulttuuriarmeija (FIN)
20. Micky Und Die Mäuse - Guido Und Anne (AUT)
21. No Tag - No Tag (NZ)
22. Diminished Return - Concrete Jungle Jive (AFR)


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