Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Indecent Exposure - Reveal All! (1984)

One of the best Oi! bands of all time. Brought back the spirit of Oi! to their roots in the mid-80's and too bad they did not last too long. The band was formed by Steve 'Milky' in 1980, influenced and passionate by the 4 Skins and the Last Resort, with no political ideas, never supported the left of the right wing. In 1982 the band released their first EP' titled 'Riots' in which turned to be a hard Oi! anthem reflecting to what happen a year before in 1981. Later in '84 'Reveal All! LP' followed by their second full-length 'No Looking Back' in 1985. By late '86 the Oi! scene has seem to split between the far right and the left, it was turning ugly. That same year singer Milky got into a fight before a gig with some political skin and told him to fuck off due to his politics. Indecent Exposure continued to played the show, and after a few songs that same skin that Milky had an argument threw a bottle to his face and split him. Indecent continued playing their set till after they were done he jumped into the crowed looking for the asshole who threw the bottle at him, but he seemed to run away. That was Indecent Exposure last gig in England and quickly after they broke up in '87, and waited 25 years to reunite again. In my opinion they are one of the greatest band from all times. They played at the Oi! Fest in '08 but I couldn't catch them. Hopefully they will keep playing and touring all over the world.

1. A Way of Life
2. Rich Man
3. Rocking the Reds
4. Bank Holiday
5. The Fool
6. I Won't Let My Country Die
7. Riots08. The Slag
9. Save the Nation
10. Get Out
11. Shitter
12. England My England


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