Sunday, March 22, 2009

Histeria Oi! - Meninos Do Brasil (1988)

I went farther down the continent this time and made it all the way to Brazil, a very beautiful country with gorgeous girls and great bands. This got to be one of my favorite bands in South America, as well as Comando Suicida from Argentina. Histeria Oi! was born in the mid-80's being one of the first Careca (Brazilian skinheads) bands in Sao Paulo. Histeria relesed their first and only full length album in 1988 by 'Devil Discos' titled 'Meninos Do Brasil' (Boys Of Brazil). The band did later appeared in a compilation with two other great Oi! bands from Brazil, Virus 27 and Bandeira de Combate, titled 'Oi! Um Grito De Uniao' in 1995 released by 'Rotten Records'. Concidered to be one the best Oi! bands in Brazil, the band split up around '95. I do know they played at 'Inverno Oi!' (Winter Oi! Festival) in Sao Paulo in '94, and you can see the video under the cover of the album. Well, I leave you with this, I would like to thanks Roy from 'Expulsos Do Bar' for a copy of this LP. Enjoy!

1. Meninos do Brasil
2. Protesto
3. Não Me Prenda
4. U.S.A.
5. Impotência
6. Challenger
7. Submundo Selvagem
8. Perigo
9. Parasitas
10. Herói Não
11. Miséria
12. Manicômio


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