Monday, March 16, 2009

A Global Threat - What The Fuck Will Change? (1999)

I digged through my collection and pull out this classic of street punk. A Global Threat was formed in 1997 in Maine but later the following year they relocated in Boston, where it was based until their break up. The band played innumerous shows in New York and Boston. At that period the band met Mark Civitarese (Mark Unseen) who was a big supporter of the band, and later join himself in. In 1999 the band released 'What The Fuck Will Change? EP' which was later re-released by Step-1 Records as a full-length LP including some tracks from their previous EP 'The Kids Will Revolt Against All Authority'. After the released of 'Until We Die' LP, the year of 2000 was when the band started to kick off as well as changing and losing members. That same year Mark played their last show, deciding he only wanted to stick to one band; The Unseen. A Global Threat became one of the most famous bands during the early 2000, specially because they toured the USA plenty of times, and everytime they came to your town, they always brought a good band with them, as well as everytime you've seen them, they had different members. By the released of their 3rd LP 'Here We Are' they band was almost concidered a cover band, since most of their members already have been replaced or quit the band. Not till their last album 'Where The Sun Never Sets' released in 2006 by BYO Records, I think is a big shame that the band still calls them self A Global Threat, specially because it doesn't even sound like AGT anymore. I've seen them with their last line up, and its just embarrasing. The singer actually sings now, and the guitarrist and bass player look like they've played in some lame-pathetic MTV band or something. Either way, to me the end of AGT came after the released of their second album. In my opinion, their first 2 LP's is what made a difference in street punk, after that it was just all shit. I hope you like it

1. Religious Scam
2. Idle Threats
3. All We Really Own
4. False Patriot
5. Stop the Violence
6. Proles, The
7. Live For Now
8. Power, The
9. Cause For Abortion
10. This Town
11. Kids Will Revolt
12. Conformity
13. American Culture
14. What's Left Now?
15. Who's to Blame?


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