Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fuck Ups - FU82 (1982)

This got to be San Francisco's ugliest, and most hate band from the early 80's. The band was formed by singer Bob Noxious who was banned from the punk scene and every where else he went, as well as disliked by most people, even his band mates, hahahaha. The band came out on the "You'll Hate This Record" compilation LP, which was a horrible album. It came out in 1983 on the 'Seidboard Enterprises' label featuring the track 'I Think You're Shit'. The other punk band in the LP was GG Allin, but the rest of it was compose by shitty/loud noise bands. Sadly 'FU82' is the band's only EP. It first came out on a pink sleeve and then later for the second printing it was a black sleeve. The band was so hated by everyone they came out to an end quickly by the mid-80's. Even though, I don't think many people still like them, hahaha. I hope you enjoy this great record.

1. White Boy
2. I Think You're Shit
3. Negative Reaction
4. I Hate You
5. Once I Had A Brother
6. Get Out

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  1. Nice post. Actually Bob was not hated by everyone in the SF punk scene. MRR told many lies about the band and it made it difficult to play out. Yes Bob could be a real pain in the rear but he was what he was. Great blog BTW...I have added your blog to mine. If you'd like to do the same please do.