Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Demob - Better Late Than Never (2002)

Ah yes! I bring you Demob! An amaizing band from the late 70's. For the ones that have not heard them yet, you should definitely take a closer look at this album. Demob was born in 1978 in Gloucester, England. It was formed by Terry Elcock and drummer Johnny Melfah. At first the band had two singers and was one of the first punk bands to have a double singer, as well as being one of the first bands to have a black member in the band, who was one of the other singers. In 1979 the band was concidered one of the most chaotic bands of the era, specially when they fooled the authorities into letting them have a place in the Gloucester annual carnival parade. The parade turned into a riot when a punks and bikers fight broke out leading to the suspencion of the carnival. Round Ear Records heard about the riot and quickly got in contact with the band. By 1980 the band lost both of their singers and gave a push to which later lead to the decline of the band. That same year the band released their first EP titled 'Anti-Police' which became a Demob Anthem. Since the band had a multi racial line up, it attracted many of the NS members with intentions of shutting down their gigs as well as causing riots. In '83 the band released their second single, 'No Room For You', quickly followed to add to the success, but unfortunately, like so many punk acts of the era, musical differences soon developed amongst the line up and Demob split to pursue other musical avenues that same year. The band later reformed in 2001 and released 'Better Late Than Never' which contains tracks from the early Demob and some new tracks recorded in 2001. Today we can say Demob became another "cover band", they had too many members that came and go in the band, the only original member was guitarrist Terry Elcock, which later abandoned Demob in 2007, leaving the rest of the members being part of a cover band. Demob attracted mostly punks and some skinheads followed them. They had that typical sound of the 80's, it was almost Oi!... almost. Enjoy!

1. No room for you
2. No more talk
3. My life
4. New Breed
5. SUS
6. Anti-Police
7. 3 Months DC
8. No Fun
9. Unfinished Business
10. Teenage Adolescence
11. Kids are making a stand
12. Think Straight


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