Saturday, March 28, 2009

Crux/The Samples - The Oi! Collection (2000)

There's got to be hundreds of Oi! bands in the 80's that had more potential and attitude than the over-rated bands like the 'Cockney Rejects', '4 Skins', and others. 'Crux' and 'The Samples' are one of those bands that their name never made it as big as the Rejects. Both bands first appeared in the great 12 inch compilation "A Country Fit For Heroes Vol. 1" (1981), which was a compilation made to help promote unknown bands to get their names out there. That compilation quicly sold out and was the beginning for Crux and The Samples, as well as the other bands in the compilation, made a name for them selfs. As the 80's went on, Crux released their first 7 inch with the band 'Crash' in 1982, as well for The Samples, they released their first EP titled 'Dead Heroe' that same year. Sadly, both bands did not last very long and came to an end sometime during the 80's. This split album-CD was released by 'Captain Oi! Records' (as well as other bands with the same title of the album) in recognition and tribute to the songs that were never released. This is all I can tell you about both bands. I do know Crux later came out in some other compilations that were released in 2000 by some other labels, as well you can find a copy of their Demo and Live albums online, but thats about it. I hope you like it.

1. C.L.A.
2. Keep On Running
3. Streets At Night
4. Brighton Front
5. I'll Die With My Boots On
6. Liddle Towers
7. Give Us Work
8. Brighton Front
9. Riot
10. War
11. Skinhead

The Samples
12. Vandetta
13. Computer Future
14. Rabies
15. Government Downfall
16. Dead Hero
17. Fire Another Round
18. Suspicion
19. 1984
20. Nobody Cares
21. Fight For Your Life
22. Running Down The World

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