Thursday, February 12, 2009

VA - Skins E Punks = T.N.T. (1983)

This is an amazing compilation EP put by the gods of italian Oi! Nabat. The purpose was to bring unity between punks and skins, being Arrm and Rappresagla the punk bands, and of course Nabat and Dioxina representing for the skins. I really don't have much information about this compilation, but I do know it was released by C.A.S. Records, (Nabat's own record label). After the release of 'Skin E Punk', C.A.S released another LP skin and punk compilation in 1985 titled 'Quelli Che Urlano Ancora'. This is all the information that I have, I'm sorry. I hope you all like it.

1. Siamo N Oi! (Dioxina)
2. Franz (Dioxina)
3. Tu (Arrm)
4. Combatti Pela Tua Pace (Arrm)
5. Skin E Punk (Nabat)
6. Generazione '82 (Nabat)
7. Attack!! (Rappresagla)
8. Disperazione (Rappresalgla)


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