Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oxymoron - Fuck The Nineties: Here's Our Noize! (1995)

If we try to name some Skunx bands (skin and punk), we can come up with many bands like Blitz, Vicious Rumours, and many others. But no other band is more of a skunk band than Oxymoron, other than playing loud mixture of Punk and Oi! you could never figure out if Sucker (singer) is a punk or a skin, but that doesn't matter at all. In my opinion they have to be one of the best bands out there. Formed in 1992 in Erlangen/Nuernberg, Germany by Sucker and his cousin Bjoern on drums the band brought unity again between punks and skins. Oxymoron first released and EP titled 'Beware, Poisonous!' on their own Oxyfactory Records label on 1994, led to their full-length album 'Fuck The Nineties: Here's Our Noize!' in 1995 released by Oi! Records on vinyl which was later re-released on CD the next year in the United States. The band put number of great LP's and EP's over the years, and always became loyal to their style. In 2005 the band officially breaks up and a year after the singer Sucker puts out a solo project called Bad Co. Porject. Today many of their fans want Oxymoron to get together and to tour at least one last time to give the chance for those who did not get a chance to see them. Like I said it before, this is one of the best bands of all times. Enjoy.

1. Bored & Violent
2. Dead End Generation
3. Hey You
4. Dirty Punk
5. Fuckers Everywhere
6. Borstal
7. The Factory
8. Mohican Tunes
9. Beware Poisonous
10. Drug Shock
11. Selfrule
12. Nuclear War
13. Dawn Patrol
14. On The Outside
15. Strike


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