Monday, February 16, 2009

Infa-Riot - In For A Riot (1999)

Had to be one of the best Oi! band of the 80's, influenced by the Angelic Upstarts, Infa Riot played it faster and louder than them. Born in 1979 and played their first gig with the Angelic Upstarts, the band earned respect in the Oi! scene, too bad they didn't last long, and broke up in '86. This is a re issue of "Still Out Of Order" which came out in 1999 with some live tracks as well. I hope you enjoy it.

1. Five Minute Fashion
2. Riot Riot
3. Kids of the '80s
4. Each Dawn I Die
5. Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
6. Emergency
7. The Winner
8. Drug Squad
9. Still Out of Order
10. School's Out
11. Friday Oh Friday
12. Catch 22
13. Bootboys
14. In for a Riot
15. Punch the Air With Glory [Live]
16. Feel the Rage [Live]


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