Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hits And Misses Records

I've lived in the States for almost 9 years, traveled most of the East Coast, started in Florida and made it all the way to New York, and I got to tell ya, I still haven't seen any other punk record store like 'Hits and Misses' located in Toronto, Canada. You go in there and you will get lost in the thousands of punk goldies that they have, its pretty much a Punk/Oi! heaven for me, specially 'cause its near to my house, hahahaha. For the ones that live in Toronto, you definitely have to check this store out, it doesn't just sell records, but shirts, small patches, back patches, and everything you name it. Right now their site is down but do check their blog (link under text) and its being updated everytime they have new arrivals with details of the LP or EP even CDs. As I said, their site is down right now, but give them a call or email them for their catalog, I'm sure the owner will have no problem sending it to you, he's a very nice cat. Gotta tell ya, its my favorite store in Toronto, I hope they never go out of business cause they carry thousands but thousands of great punk rare albums, used or new.

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