Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Grunts - Demo (2004 ?)

The Grunts, ahh this band brings many memories. One of the greatest street punk bands that came out of Miami, Florida as well as U.F.C. (sign to Charged Records). I don't remember when the band was formed, but I do remember seeing them a lot. Mostly in the Miami area and Pompano. Their sound is the typical band that started in the early 2000, very influenced by The Casualties and other street punk bands from the 90's. In my opinion, they are a great band to get drunk to. After they broke up around 2005 or so, that was the end of street punk/oi! kids in South Florida, most kid turned into crusty-hippy faggots. I found this demo in some old scratch demo CD they recorded. But oh well, I'll leave you with this gem of my early high school days.

1. City Drunks
2. Disarm The Great
3. Fuck You Pig
4. The Grunts


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  1. If I remember correctly we started in early 2003 and kinda lingered around until about 2005 or so. If you see Boris around, he might still have a copy of the full length cd we put out.

    -The Alan (the pretty boy in the middle there)