Friday, February 13, 2009

The Ejected - A Touch Of Class (1982)

Some people loved them, other hated their guts. The Ejected was a band from Essex, England (London suburbs) born in 1981 and their success did not last long. The band was composed by Big Jim Brooks (vocals, guitar), Gary Sandford (bass, vocals) (later replaced by Paul Quain), and drummer Mick 'Sticks' Robinson (later replaced by Paul Griffiths), influenced by the Cockney Rejects, UK Subs, Angelic Upstarts and other Punk and Oi! bands of the early 80's. Signed to Riot City Records, appeared in the Carry On Oi! compilation and had their debut EP in '82 titled "Have You Got 10p" later followed by "Noise For The Boys" EP released in '83 and as well as their full length 'A Touch Of Class'. The band had a bad reputation of being accused of being a right wing band and judged their LP of a "completely empty of any real substance" by Punk Lives. The band came to an end soon after their second LP. Band broke up in 1983, and that was the end of The Ejected.

1. Young Tribes Of England
2. Fast 'N' Loud
3. Gang Warfare
4. Class Of '82
5. England Ain't Dead
6. Carnival
7. Football Song
8. Man Of War
9. Fifteen
10. Have You Got 10p?
11. Mr.Muggins
12. East End Kids
13. I'm Gonna Get A Gun
14. Dressed To Kill
15. Karnal Dub
16. The Sky's In Love
17. Have You Got 10p? (Single Version)
18. Class Of '82 (Single Version)
19. One Of The Boys
20. Fast 'N' Loud (Single Version)
21. I Don't Care
22. What Happened In Brighton
23. East End Kids (Oi! LP Version)
24. What Am I Gonna Do?


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