Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Devotchkas - Annihilation CD (2000)

Aah yes, the Devotchkas, what a great band and great memories of horny punk days. This girls make punk rock sexy, fuck Vice Squad and any other ugly ass chick punk bands out there, no other female band can't compare to them. The band started in 1996 in Long Island, New York with the mentality to play street punk and a mixture of British Oi!. At first it was formed by the 3 beautiful girls that we all know their names, Stephanie (vocals), Alaine (Bass), Mandy (guitar), and Jon (drums) from The Krays till 99 replaced by Gabrielle who was living in Boston at the time. The band put out their 4 track self-titled EP on '98 released by 'Punkcore Records' followed by 'Annihilation EP' on the same year by the same label. Devotchkas quickly made a name for them self in the Ny area and other major cities like, Philadelphia, Boston, Jersey City and others. One night Alaine gets and email from a tour manager from England who wanted to set up a two week tour over Europe. This group of beautiful girls played with hundreds of great bands like Last Resort, Cockney Rejects, Vice Squad, Hard Skins and many others as well they played on Holidays In the Sun. They get back to the states to record Annihilation full-length CD, which is a combination of their first two EP's plus some other new tracks. Band quickly takes of to Europe again and this time for 2 months. On the second tour things don't go very smooth, some of the girls started to feel like rockstars and a lot of drama between the girls. When the band gets back to the states ready to record their second full-length disc. Steph one night gets a call and they let her know they replaced her spot. Band puts out their second LP titled 'Live Fast, Die Young' that came out on 2001 by Punkcore Records again. The band quickly change their name to the 99's, but it just led to catastrophe, and the band splits up soon after. In my opinion there is no other band like them, and they will always be remember for their talent and their sexiness. Man, how I wish they were still together, or at least have a chance to hook up once with Steph, hahahah, such a heart breaker. I hope you all enjoy this.

1. One-Sided Society
2. Disappointed
3. Hip Hop Kids
4. Annihilation
5. Sorry (4 Skins)
6. Oi! Toy
7. Shit For Dreams
8. Damaged Goods
9. Coppers in Force
10. Mr. School Psychology
11. Oi! Toy (Demo)


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