Monday, February 23, 2009

Combat 84 - Orders Of The Day (2000)

I'm back and I bring back another controversial band from the 80's in the Oi! world. Even though they caused a lot of confusion and had a bad reputation since their beginning, Combat 84 played with a lot of anger and was not afraid to say what they had in their minds. Chris 'Chubby' Henderson started the band back in 1981 in Chelsea, London and played their first show with the Last Resort. Roi Pearce from the Last Resort (later in the 4 Skins) liked the band and decided to produce a two song demo tape with them. In '82, Gary Hitchcock manager of the 4 Skins tryed to sign the band to Secret Records, which they already had the 4 Skins, Infa Riot, The Business and others signed to the label, but they end up not signing with Secret, but they rather release their first EP titled 'Orders Of The Day' with Victory Records, which was later released as an entire discography LP in 2000 by Step-1 Records. The band did not make a good name for them selfs, specially because of the 1982 'BBC Arena Documentary' where the singer makes a racist comment towards the blacks, and as well when a riot breaks at one of their show and the singer starts shouting "stop it stop it, we're all white!". The band was frequently labeled as far right wing band, Combat 84 denied their association with any political parties, as well as not having any racist lyrics. But oh well, its all history now. In my opinion I don't think they are a nazi band, but I do know they weren't reds, thats for sure and just because of that can't classify them as right wing. Combat 84 was very controversial, and too bad they only lasted till '84.

1. Violence
2. Combat 84
3. Poseur
4. Skinhead
5. Rapist
6. Barry Prudom
7. Right To Choose
8. I'm Alright
9. 1982
10. Trouble
11. F82123
12. Soldier
13. Violence (Re-Mix)
14. Barry Produm (Re-Mix)


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