Saturday, February 21, 2009

Chickenhead - Everything Must Go! (EP + Demo) (1993)

I know I keep posting bands from Florida, but I had to post this. Chickenhead had to be Miami's best punk band from the 90's. Even though they sound like an 80's punk band, they have a very similar sound to the Germs, except they play better. Chickenhead was formed by frontman Chuck in the early 90's, I think in 91, with the intension of playing old school punk, even though they were very chaotic, drunk, and hulerios, the band played everywhere, from bars to small venues and from the everglades to house-parties. The band released their first EP in 1993 titled 'Everything Must Go!' which cost at the time a dollar and another dollar with a few weird-looking stamps for shipping. I know later in 99, I believe Chuck released a complete discography CD-SPLIT with Los Canadians another Miami band that I never heard of. The band split up around 1996, and Chuck later formed The Crumbs in 2000, which in my opinion they are not as good as Chickenhead. I did not get a chance to see them when I lived in Florida, I do hope they re-unite sometime, maybe that way I'll get a chance to see them. Chickenhead was an amazing band!

1. Born To Lose
2. Smash And Grab
3. Burn It Down
4. Everything Must Go!
5. Short Fuse
6. Chickenhead Won The War
7. Young Fidel
8. Teenage Chickenhead
9. I Like Drugs
10. Downtown
11. Ron Varndell
12. Ruin Your Day
13. One Way Or Another (Live on WFMU)


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