Thursday, November 19, 2009

Contra-Ataque - Demos and Lost Tracks (????)

I'm starting to run out of rare bands but this time I bring ya another gem from Brazil. The land where the girls are beautiful and where football is more than just a sport, I bring you 'Contra Ataque'. Formed in the late 80's in the city of Porto Alegre, Contra Ataque became an icon for the Carecas (Brazilian Skinheads) as well with Carbonario, Virus 27, and Histeria Oi!. The band appeared in 2 Brazilian Oi! compilations, 'Oi! um Grito De Uniao vol 2 and 3' released by Rotten Records. Influenced by British Oi!, the band made a name all over Brazil, but the punks never had a chance to see them due to divisions in the scene between punks and skins. By the mid 90's the band split up and guitarrist Ze Loco formed a continuation of Contra Ataque under the name of 'Corrosao', but until now the band has not released any full lengths, only demos.

1. Briga de Rua
2. Desemprego
3. Juventude Operária
4. Corrosão
5. Saida do Jogo
6. Reação
7. União
8. Skinhead


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Snix - Coeur De Lion (1985)

This got to be one of the best Oi! bands that came out of France. Snix, a classic skinhead/Oi! band formed in October of 1982 inspired by Oi! bands such as the Cockney Rejects, Angelic Upstarts, 4 Skins and other classic British bands, but what really made an impact in the band was the compilation Oi! the Album. Snix made their debut in the French compilation 'CHAOS En France Vol. 1' released by 'Chaos Production' in 1983. The band had a good affiliation with many of the skinhead bands in France, bands such as 'Brutal Combat', 'Warrior Kids', 'Brainwash' and others, but definitely they had a better relation with 'Tolbiac's Toeds' from Paris. Which caused both bands to release a split by Snix own record label in 1984. Not until 1985 the band signed to '77KK Records' and became part of another compilation, and that same year released their full length LP 'Coeur De Lion', which is considered to be a gem in French Oi!. The LP open many doors for the band not just in France but all over Europe. As the years kept going by, the band released one more full length and was invited to participate in many compilations. The band came to an end in the late 80's and sealed their name as one of the most rememberable bands in French Oi!. This is a great fucking album, I hope you like it.

1. Combats Et Chante
2. Fierté
3. Coeur De Lion
4. Skinhead
5. L'Energie Du Désespoir
6. Madou

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Angela Rippons Bum - Nice Arse Shame About The Face (2000)

Oi!'s most infamous and rarest band... 'Angela Rippon's Bum'. Formed in 1981 in the violent city of Tilbury, England, known for having the toughest skins in the 70's and 80's. Gangs such as the 'Tilbury Trojan Skins' supported the band and I'm pretty sure one of the members of ARB was in the gang. The played over 20 shows supporting bands like the Last Resort, The Business, and punk bands such as The Exploited. For not being a very well known band, Angela Rippon's had a massive skinhead following and were known for having violent shows. The band never released any full lengths or EPs, but they did participated in the infamous compilation 'Back On The Streets' released in 1982. The band split up in 1983 and never made a comeback. In 2000 'Guilty Records' collected all of their demos, live recordings and the songs that came out in the compilation and released a full length CD titled 'Nice Arse Shame About The Face', that same year an EP of the songs that were on the Back on the Streets compilations were released under the same name of the CD. Around 550 copies were pressed for the CD release of this legendary Oi! band from Tilbury. It's a MUST have!

1. Not Guilty
2. I Want Out
3. Skinheads
4. Fight for your Life
5. Normal Steel
6. Okey Cokey
7. Bank Holidays
8. Say Neahing
9. Dirty Old Man
10. We've Got It Sussed
11. On my Own
12. Poverty
13. Kill The Bill
14. Glue Sniffing Kids
15. 100 Fashions
16. Disco Destruction
17. Work Class Decay
18. Robot
19. Living in England
20. Not Guilty
21. Foreign Nightmare
22. The Sorer
23. Where Were You?
24. Nowhere World

Inspecter 7 - The Infamous (1997)

A little change to the blog, this time I'm bringing you the finest 2 Tone band from New Jersey/New York! Inspecter 7 formed in 1992 in New Brunswick, NJ in a desperation to bring back a 2-tone/Ska scene in the early 90's. The band started playing at parties and basement shows for the first year under the name of 'Agent 86'. Not until the end of 1993 the band renamed the band to 'Inspecter 7'. By the beginning of 94' kick off pretty hardcore and started to get some recognition. Started to play some more gigs in NYC and supported many of the local Skinhead and Punk bands at the time. In 1997 the band signs to 'Radical Records' and their first full length CD is released titled 'The Infamous', which made a big impact for the band. Their success did not last long, till the release of their second full-length 'Banished to Bogeyland' not having the same respond as their first one. By the end of the 90's the band was going for a split and had a few reunion shows. By 2003 the band called it a finished once for all. After Inspecter 7 the vocalist of the band formed a similar band under the name of 'Hub City Stompers', who till the day of today they are still playing. As for my taste they are not as good as Inspecter 7 but they put a good show.

1. The Infamous
2. Regret
3. Sharky 17
4. Brother Vs. Brother
5. Spy Front
6. Hub City Stompers
7. Cookin'
8. Channel 7
9. Agent 86
10. Big Slices
11. Popeye
12. Sleeping With the Enemy
13. See Ya
14. Melodie d'Amour
15. The Shape

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Partisans - The Best Of The Partisans (1999)

If its not one of the best bands, it is defiantly on the top 5 of the best punk/oi! bands out there. Formed in 1978 in the country of Wales, Partisans represented Wales' in the late 70's and early 80's. In 1981 the band had their debut EP 'Police Story' released by 'No Future Records', being one of the first bands to be sign to the label. The EP went fabulous and sold every single copy spending 22 weeks in the Indie Charts peaking at No. 5, and the funny thing was, the band was still in high school when they released their first EP. That same year the journalist 'Garry Bushell' invited the band to participate on his third Oi! compilation 'Carry On Oi!'. The band contributed 'Arms Race' and 'No U Turns', and later found them selfs gigging with Oi! bands such as 'The Ejected', 'Blitz' and other bands from the label. It didn't take long for the band to release their second EP titled '17 Years Of Hell' in '82, becoming an anthem for the band. Even though some of the band members claim that it was one of their worst recordings. Partisans kept making a name for them selfs in London, where the scene was bigger. The band released their full length in 1983 titled 'The Partisans', and after that was when the band made some changes in their sound. Claiming they did not wanted to be part of the Oi!/punk scene anymore. It just did not seem right to them. From there on the band went a little bit more poppy sound, and many of their die hard fans quickly accused them of selling out. The band released a few more EP's and LP's with a different line up. Partisans split up in 1984 and made their comeback in the late 90's and still playing till today. Early Partisans.. a classic. For sure!

1. Police Story
2. Killing Machine
3. Arms Race
4. No U Turn
5. 17 Years Of Hell
6. Bastards In Blue
7. Power And The Greed
8. Mindless Violence
9. Don't Blame Us
10. I Don't Give A Fuck
11. Partisan
12. Blind Ambition
13. Change
14. Come Clean
15. Never Needed You
16. Time Was Right
17. Anger And Fear (You're All Alone)
18. Only 21
19. Run Go Grab
20. Eyes Shut


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Skin Deep - Football Violence (1985)

What a great EP! this is a must-have in your collection. Either in vinyl format or mp3. Even though, if you do get a chance to get a copy of the original EP, it will cost a lot of money. 'Skin Deep' was formed in 1982 in the region of West Lothian, England. In 1985 the band released their only recorded album, 'Football Violence' by 'Enemy Records'. I believe around 1000 copies were sold, and they sold fast. The band split up the following year after the singer left the band and Skin Deep never made an attempt to regroup again. In 1989 the EP was repressed and the band participated in many Oi! compilations. Today these 3 tracks are ultra rare in the Oi! world, but they are some great fucking songs. Must have it!

1. Football Violence
2. Boots On His Feet
3. Count The Dead

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Condemned 84 - Face The Aggression (1988)

I know some of you will get pissed at me for this, but I don't care. Condemned 84 had to be one of the best bands from all time! Formed in 1980 under the name of 'Criminal Tendencies' and not till 1983 the band changed their name to 'Condemned'. By the release of their first demo tape in 1984, the band added the numbers '84' to the name. Condemned has always been a very controversial band, just like 'Combat 84'. The band never claimed to be part of any political movement, but they have open for many 'SHARP' and right-wing bands, which caused controversy. In 1986 the band had their debut LP titled 'Battle Scared' released by Rody Moreno's record label 'Oi! Records'. The mini LP sold out quick it became an instant success for the band. Not until 1988 when the band released one of their best albums 'Face The Aggression' by 'Grade 1 Records'. This time showing where the band was aiming for. The cover of the LP shows the violent sound and side of the band. As the years go by, nothing stopped the band from releasing more EP's and LP's. They've always been accussed of being a Fascist band, even though they still claimed to be non-political band. But I do have to say that a lot of right-wing skins follow the band. But then again, many other bands like Cockney Rejects and Sham 69 went through this. I don't care what people say and if they give me shit, 'Face The Aggression' is one of the best Oi! albums out there. A very original sound that no other band has it. Condemned has always been known for being a "either you hate us, or love us" band, and their fans are die hards.

1. Keep the faith
2. Blunt
3. Face the aggression
4. Our time will come
5. Warriors with pride
6. In the gutter
7. All out attack
8. Bullshit
9. Pride & the pain
10. Strenght to strenght
11. Land of hope and glory


Monday, September 14, 2009

VA - Wet Dreams (1984)

Hello hello, and sorry for the delay. I've been enjoying my summer and haven't had a chance to update the blog. But now I'm back and I bring you a great Punk and Oi! compilation released by 'Rot Records' in 1984. Weirdly the compilation was named after 'Clockwork Soldiers' first EP. I'm guessing they were the ones that put this LP together. The compilation has the same format as other unfamous compilation LP's such as 'A Country Fit For Heroes' and so on. With the purpose to help bands from that time to get their name out there. I think about 1000 copies were released. Bands like Clockwork Soldiers (later reformed as 'The Glory') and Resistance 77 got lucky and continued to spread their fame all over England and some countries in Europe. For the rest of the bands, I think but I'm not sure, Riot Squad also gained some notice but nothing too big. We'll thats about it. It's a great compilation. I hope you enjoy it!

1. Suicide (Clockwork Soldiers)
2. It's Our Life (X-Cretas)
3. In The Name Of Science (Clockwork Soldiers)
4. Familiarity (X-Crestas)
5. Wet Dreams (Clockwork Soldiers)
6. United And Fight (Riot Squad)
7. Friday Night Hero (Riot Squad)
8. Send In The S.A.S. (Resistance 77)
9. Communist Cunt (Resistance 77)
10. Shattered Glass (Paranoia)
11. Dissillusion (Paranoia)
12. Shocktrooper (External Menace)
13. Flower In The Gun (Dead Mans Shadow)
14. Hit And Run (Clockwork Soldier)
15. Dream (Clockwork Soldier)
16. What A Shame (Christianity B.C.)
17. Trinity (Christianity B.C.)
18. Waste Away (Breakout)


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

BOOK - Skins (Re published 2008)

If you could re capture and go back in time to see what the skins looked like and the trouble a bunch of dirty white working class kid got into, then I recomend you get a copy of the book 'Skins' by the fabulous photographer 'Gavin Watson'. Borned in London in 1965, at the age of 13 Wason bought his first camara and became obsessed with photography. A boy with no talent and money been extremely tight, Gavin had to make sure every photo he took had to be worth it. Belong to the Wycombe Skins, he began to take photos of his friends and mostly his phonogenic brother who was 5 years younger than him. Wherever Watson went, his camara was with him. Catching every single little second of him and his friends getting in trouble and representing what the Skinheads in the early 80's were. In 1994 Gavin released the book 'Skins', concidered to be a documented book on the most misunderstood subcultures by the mainstream. Skins marked history, and culture as well. In 2008 the book was re-published with more pictures, and a little bit of more information about him. Containing 147 pages of just photography. That same year he released another photography book called 'Skins & Punks: Lost Archives 1978-1985'. A fantastic photo journal, this time the book was much bigger, better paper, and some pictures were in color as well black in white. Both books have a touch of class and it just makes ya wish you were a teenage boy in those days.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Squats - Noise Overdose (1981)

The Squats were probably one of the most controversial bands in Nijmegen has ever known. The kind of teenagers you better could not have living next door to you. It seemed that they ruined more or less everything that came along their way. Formed in 1979 Nijmegen, Holland, the members of the band were from the ages of 14 to 17. Nasty teenage kids that had a lot to say. By 1980 The Squats gain recognition nationwide and even hopped over the border to Belgium several times. That same year the band recorded a live show in Rotterdam and released their debut album "The First, The Best, The Last?" by their own label 'Nep En Bedrog Records'. The following year 'Noise Overdose' EP was released again on their own label, and 500 copies were pressed. Their gigs were notorious for violence, and by 1982 The Squats had fed up with violence and accusations of being a right wing bang, the band call it a quit. The band never reformed, even though their fans wanted to see them one more time. It never happen. 

1. Chaos in Nijmegen
2. Shut Yer Bleeding Heart
3. We Hate School
4. City Cowboys
5. Ravensbruck


Monday, August 3, 2009

Vengeance - Demo (1986)

Don't have a lot of information about this band. But I do know they were from Norwich, England and formed in 1986. At first the band were half punk half skin and had an Oi! sound that attracted both tribes. The same year the band formed they released this demo. After guitarrist Tim and bass player Rach (woman) left the band, the band went towards a different change; new members and new ideals. The second generation of Vengeance became part of the far rightwing movement. I think they released one EP or maybe a full length and that was the end of the band, sometime around 1989. I like their first demo, and that's about it.

1. Vengeance
2. Against The Wall
3. British Army
4. Cries Of Oi!
5. Life Sentence
6. England's Glory
7. Borstal Breakout (Sham 69)


Monday, July 27, 2009

The Defects - Defected Breakdown (1983)

Want to hear some good punk? Make sure you get a copy of this LP (if you can find it, otherwise buy the CD). 'The Defects' was formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1978 having not a very good start. After playing many local shows the band sent a few demos to record labels, and when it fail they formed their own label called 'Casualty Records' and issued their debut single, "Dance (Til You Drop)". The single sold all two thousand copies, and brought the band to the attention of the UK music press. Soon after, 'Melody Maker' journalist Carol Clerk managed to get them a record deal with 'WXYZ Records', being labelmates with 'Anti-Nowhere League, Chron Gen, Chelsea and others. In 1982 the band embarked on the six-weeks 'So What UK tour' with the rest of the bands from WXYZ label. That same year their second single 'Survival' was released and managed to reach number 8 in the UK Indie Chart. The following year the band recorded their debut and only album 'Defected Breakdown' and sold out every single copy. The Defects released on more single title 'Suspicious Minds' in 1984 but it did not sell well. The band split up the same year and did not regrouped till 1996 to play their one and last perfomance at the at the Pavilion festival, which later came out on VHS. In 1994 Captain Oi! Records reissued 'Defected Breakdown' onto a CD format, including tracks from their single. The Defects were a great band, in a way they kind of remind me of the Australian band 'Vicious Circle'. I hope you like it.

1. Dance
2. 20th Century
3. Survival
4. Deprived
5. Killer On The Street
6. Bitch
7. Defective Breakdown
8. Conscription
9. Casualty
10. We Don't Care
11. Live In Pain
12. Head On Collision
13. Metal Walls
14. Thoughts


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Criminal Class - Fighting The System EP (1982)

Criminal Class had to be Oi! first Skinhead band. Even though Skrewdriver had a skinhead image around '78. They weren't really skins, they just changed their image from punk to skin due to fashion. Not even the 4 Skins were an all skinhead band. Criminal Class was formed in Coventry, England in 1979 being one of the first Oi!/Skinhead band to emerge. The band made their debut in the compilation 'Strength Thru Oi!' in 1981 by 'Deca Records'. Which turn out to be a catastrophe to all the bands that appeared on the compilation, due to violence that occured in South Hall that same year. The following year the band released their only single, 'Fighting The System' in 1982 by 'Tempest Records'. Even though the band had slow tempo songs, their lyrics were very powerfull. Had to do with corruption in England, the Falklands War, police brutality, black and white unity, and more. The band split up in the mid 80's and later reformed again in 2000 after the release of the CD 'Blood on the Streets: Oi! Collection' by Captain Records. Recolecting tracks from the EP, Strength Thru Oi!, demos, and tracks that were never released. Today, I'm not sure if the band is still active. I heard they were going to record some new tracks and release a new CD, but that never happen. For this EP I decided to add two more tracks, 'Blood on the Streets' from Strength Thru Oi!, and 'Running Away' the unreleased track. I hope you like it.

1. Fighting The System
2. Soldier

3. Blood on the Streets
4. Running Away


Saturday, July 4, 2009

VIDEO: 4 Skins - BBC Nationwide Documentary (1981)

If you try to explain somebody that has nothing to do with any of the underground subcultures what skinhead is. You can tell them 20 billion times that they are not racist or fascist. They are still not going to get it, and still beleive they are nazis. This is exactly what happen to the '4 Skins'. In 1981 the British press and the channel BBC made a big deal of the release of the compilation LP 'Strength Thru Oi!'. Acussing all Skinheads of being fascist and Nazis.
'Tony Wilkinson', a BBC reporter goes beyond the lines of what Oi! music is. Most of the blame falls on the 4 Skins, acussed of being Nazis, and the disaster that occured at the Asian community in Southall. Garry Hodges tells the reportes that they have nothing to do with politics, and that they don't feel responsable for the catastrophe in the Asian community while playing with 'The Business' and other bands. Saying that it was a set up. Well... like I said in the beginning of the paragraph, doesn't matter how many times you tell them, they are still not going to get it. As the documentary goes on, Wilkinson makes an effort to destroy the image of Oi!, after he reads a few lines of the song 'Blood On The Streets' by 'Criminal Class'. A song that is about black and white youth fighting for equality. But in the documentary he skips a few lines, makes it seem that is about stomping black people. I find some humour in the video, it's just silly and ridiculous of how much of an effort they made to burn the image of the working class youth. Don't get me wrong, many skins in those days they were violent, thugs, had their own gangs, and not every single one of them was an angel. But it does not mean they have any affiliation with the right wing. It's funny when he goes to one of the 4 Skins show, and some of the kids in the crowd are wearing a Union Jack shirt saying, "some are wearing t-shirts that grated with the Union Jack, which happens among other things to be adopted by the National Front". And so, the kid that is wearing the t-shirt tells him that he is not a nazi, but just proud to be British. Once again the reporter does not beleive him, and the crowd starts to make a fool out of Wilkinson by sieg heiling the camara. One thing is for sure, the skinhead image will always be portraid as a fascist soldier, and it doesn't matter how much of an effort you make to make the world beleive that Skins are not Nazis, it's just not going to happen. Today Oi! has cleared its image, but they are still some hippies and anarchist punks giving the music and skins a hard time. But oh well, who gives a fuck about them. The skins and their music, they were the only ones that actually went through a hard time, any other subculture does not have the pride that the Skinheads have. Oi!

Video Link

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Crack - All Cracked Out: Demos & Rarities (2000)

If there was any justice in the music industry The Crack would have been fucking massive! Been around in the Oi! scene since 1982, The Crack was one of the most talented Oi! bands at their time. Even though they sounded very similar to bands like 999 and other Mod Rocker bands, they had a large skinhead and punk following. The band made their debut album 7 years after they were formed, released by 'Link Records' in '89 titled 'In Search of The Crack' LP. The Crack appeared in numerous compilation, and participated in big festivals such as 'Holidays in The Sun' and others. The band split up in the mid 90's, and nowdays reforms everyonce in a while. Mostly for large gigs and festivals. Today, The Crack marked their name in the Oi! world, and their albums are still being sell like if they were brand new. In 2000 'Captain Oi! Records' released all 3 singles, demo, and rare songs onto one CD titled 'All Cracked Up: The Demos & Rarities', a great album! Tracks like 'Don't You Ever Let Me Down', 'Going Out', and 'The Troops Have Landed' are my favorite ones. Get a copy of this album either on CD or Mp3 format. Enjoy!

1. Don't You Ever Let Me Down
2. I Can't Take It
3. Going Out
4. The Troops Have Landed
5. All Or Nothing
6. I Caught You Out
7. We've Got A Right To Know
8. Take Me Away - (original version)
9. Nag Nag Nag - (original version)
10. That's The Way
11. Wait Till The Day Arrives
12. Battle Song, The
13. My World - (original version)
14. Hard Road - (original version)
15. Where Are The Glory Boys - (original version)
16. Don't Just Sit There - (original version)
17. Everybody's Dreaming - (second version)
18. Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting
19. One Of The Boys
20. Listen To Me


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

BOOK - Spirit Of 69: A Skinhead Bible (1994)

Ahh the Skinheads, who gets them? Portrait as thugs, bandits, violents, a little bit crazy, but the girls love them; all of it a bit true, or at least to some. Around 1965, the Mod culture was going for a split, it was coming to a downfall and some were forced continue with what the Mod scene was turning. By the late 60's some Mods had become hippys, and the ones that were still loyal to the cult did not wanted to be part of what it was turning into. Some Mods started to cut their hair shorter, wearing boots instead of shoes, and formed their own gangs. They were no longer Mods, but HARD Mods. Which it was just an early name for the Skinheads. As the late 60's were passing by and the 70's was moving in, the skins ruled the streets of England, becoming one of the most popular cult for working class kids. George Marshall, a skinhead from Glasgow, Scotland, released his master piece in 1994 titled 'Spirt of 69: A Skinhead Bible'. Explaining the rise of the Skinhead movement in England. Talking about the early days of the skins, and the adoptation of Jamaican music, to the glorious days of Oi!. The book is based on his personal stories, getting in contact with some of the people that lived the "Skinhead Days". A very good book if you want to know about the skinhead culture. The term 'Spirit of 69' was first said by the gang 'Glasgow Spy Kids' from Scotland. A crew that Marshall use to be part of. After the release of the book it became a worldwide term for the Skins from the early days that listen and danced to Reggae music. Marshall also released a continuation of this book, best known as 'Skinhead Nation'. Did not make much success as well as Spirt of 69, but it quickly sold out. Some people follow step by step what the book says, and turning into what Skinhead is. Some forget that is just a personal experience, and he calls him self 'NOT a skinhead god'. But apparently a lot of people skipped those pages. I'll say it again, the book is fantastic. If you really want to know about the Skinhead cult, make sure have some time to read all 176 pages of this book. I hope you like it, 'cause it took me a while to get this book


Viciours Rumours - Anytime Day Or Night (1986)

Oi! have you ever heard of 'Vicious Rumours'? I hope you have. This is another great Oi! band from the early 80's who managed to be active till the late 90's. Formed in 1979 from South London by vocalist/guitarrist John Mundy. The band had a numerous changes in their line up, and not till '83 the managed to keep it stable. Vicious Rumours had their first show opening for 'The Business' and later supporting bands like the '4 Skins' and 'Infa Riot'. By the mid 80's, the band managed to get lots of respect in the Oi! scene with the release of their first LP 'Anytime Day or Night' released by Roddy Moreno's record 'Oi! Records' in 1986. By the release of their second LP the band started to change their image a bit, and started to walk away from the Oi!/Skinhead scene. Saying they did not want to have anything to do with the 'aggro' no more. 'The Sickest Men in Town' LP was released in '87 by Moreno's records once again. Both LP's would later be repressed by 'Captain Oi! Records' onto a cd, as well as releasing 'The Best of Vicious Rumours' in the year of 2000. The band managed to be part of many Oi! compilations during the late 90's and early 2000's. The band came to an end by late 1990's. The band later reformed in 2001, and did a gig in Germany. Their comback did not last long, and Vicious Rumours was once again forced to split their ways. The band always came out as a apolitical band. Even though in the late 70's, John supported the British Movement and did early shows with some RAC bands, which later cut all relations with any political sides. I hope you like it.

1. Anytime Day Or Night
2. Long Time No See
3. Too Close For Comfort
4. 3 Stripes On Your Arms
5. Runaway
6. Chopper RIP
7. Soul Patrol
8. What's A Nice Girl Like You
9. Tealeaf
10. What's The Pair On That
11. This Is Your Life


Monday, June 22, 2009

Special Duties - The Punk Singles Collection (1999)

Hello hello, I'm back and I bring you another great band from the late 70's. A band that already had one of the earliest form of Street Punk, without having a clue that 15 years later it would change the sound of Punk Rock. 'Special Duties' was formed in 1977 in Colchester, Essex (England). Released their debut single 'Violent Society' and 'Colchester Council' in 1980 by 'Charnel House Records'. Managed to released a few more singles and an EP before the release of their first LP '77 in 82' in 1982 by 'Rondelet Records'. That same year they declared war to hippy anarchist band 'Crass', acussing them of destroying the scene. Which led to the released of the 'Bullshit Crass' EP in '82. Which was censorship by many distributors and refused to stock this material. In 1983 the band released their last single 'Punk Rocker', and it was not well distributed. That same year the band split up. Twelve years later, 'Captain Oi! Records' reissued '77 in 82', and encouraged by the response to it the band got back together, playing at 1995's 'Fuck Reading at the Brixton Academy'. In 1999 'Captain Oi! Records' released this fantastic CD 'The Punk Singles Collection', containing the bands best songs from 1977 till the late 90's. The band is still active and still playing their Oi!/77/Streetpunk songs all over Europe. Funny, and beleive that the sound of Street Punk was being played in the late 70's, and no one had a clue. Enjoy!

1. Violent Society
2. Colchester Council
3. Violent Society
4. It Ain't Our Fault
5. Colchester Council
6. Police State
7. We Gotta Fight
8. It Just Ain't Me
9. Special Duties
10. Bullshit Crass
11. You're Doing Yourself No Good
12. Punk Rocker
13. Too Much Talking
14. Mutt
15. London Town
16. Judge and Jury
17. Shadow
18. Wembley! Wembley!
19. Up the U's
20. Lost Cause or Not
21. MRR Rules
22. I Wish It Could Be '77
23. Gary Gilmore's Eyes
24. Johnny Won't Go to Heaven
25. Sid Vicious Was Innocent
26. Tommy Gun


Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Violators - The No Future Years (2005)

Here's another classic from the early 80's. 'The Violators' was formed in 1981 in New Mills, England and it was a mixture of punks and skins in their line up. In their beiginnings the band sounded very similar to 'Vice Squad' and 'The Expelled'. The band made their debut on the 'A Country Fit For Heroes' 12" in 1981 by 'No Future Records'. The following year they released their first EP titled 'Gangland' followed by 'Summer of 81' in 1982 again by No Future. Few weeks after the release of their second EP, vocalist Helen and guitarrist Coley splited from the band to form their own band call Taboo, but never issued any singles. Meanwhile The Violators have recruited a new vocalist called Louise and guitarist Andy who was formally with "Skin Graft". The second generation of The Violators changed their sound. This time with heavier vocals and songs. The band always kept their clockwork sound, which they are known for. Violators released a few more singles, but never a full length. Later in 2005, 'Captain Oi! Records' once again managed to get the tracks from all of their singles and compilations they appeared and relesead this fantastic CD. The band split up in the mid 80's, and marked history with their clockwork images and noises in the punk culture. Enjoy!

1. Die With Dignity
2. Government Stinks
3. Pointless Slaughter
4. Gangland
5. Fugitive
6. Summer of '81
7. Live Fast Die Young
8. Life on the Red Line
9. Crossings of Sangsara - Violators, Marchington
10. Affections - Violators, Taboo
11. VSlow Down - Violators, Taboo
12. Young Blades - Violators, Taboo
13. Revenge (Crossings of Sangsara) - Violators, Marchington
14. Life on the Red Line


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Frankie Flame & The Whalers - Oslo Oi! (1997)

Oi! Oi! Oi!, I bring you this rarity from Norway. I don't have much information about this EP. All I know is that it came out in 1997 and I'm pretty sure it was released by Frankie Flame, even though they are a british punk/pop band. They still seemed to release D.I.Y. style vinyls. The Whalers were a skinhead band from Oslo as you can see, and for this EP they feature Frankie Flame. I have read somewhere else, and I think they released a previous 7 inch, a tribute to the local football team Vålerenga, and I'm guessing 'Oslo Oi!' was their second 7 inch release. I also saw one of their members in the 90's skinhead documentry 'World Of Skinhead'. Even though they came out in the mid 90's (I think), The Whalers still managed to have a classic Oi! sound. A friend of mine told me they managed to make it to the early 2000's, but the band split up a few times, and everytime they reformed, sometimes they never showed up to their gigs. Sorry guys, this is all the information that I have from The Whalers. If you want to know more about 'Frankie Flame', check their myspace, here.

1. Oslo Oi!
2. Hammers
3. Lula
4. Love Ain't Rock'n'Roll


Thursday, May 28, 2009

BOOK - The Story of Oi!: Oi! A View From The Dead End Of The Street (1981)

Punk came out in the 70's and it was a big change for Rock music and the working class youth. It said a lot of things that pissed out the rest of society and scared many people, but no music and movement was more real than Oi!. Started in the late 70's and it was real punk, the lyrics ment things and they were acomplished, compare to punk... it was too much talking less activity. Bands like Menace, Sham 69, Cock Sparrer and others influenced to what it became the proudest music of the English working class youth, it was Oi!. Later in the 80's the movement split up, either you had to be a lefty or a right wing. Well, I don't want to spoil it and ruin the book for you. Garry Johnson wrote this fantastic book explaining the rise of Oi! in the 80's and all the controversial events that happen. It also contains great pictures and some lyrics from some of the bands. Later in 2008 Johnson re-released a copy of the book again but this time with some more information, pictures, and even 'Boys Of The Empire' poem book. I actually found this book over the internet acidently. One of the greatest thing about the book is that for the first time an author does not compare, talk about, or even mention about fascim in the skinhead scene. Well, is about time too. I hope you love this piece of art!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Perdition - You Don't Have To DEMO (1983)

In the early 80's, bands like Vicious Circle, Depression, and Civil Dissident were the best punk bands in Australia, but you can't leave 'Perdition' to the side. Formed sometime in 1983 in Adelaide in the southern side of the gigantic island of Australia. The band released a few demo tapes but 'You Don't Have To' and 'A Positive Alternative Torture' were the most notorious ones released in 1983. One of Perdition's best impresion was when they played with the Dead Kennedys show in september of '83, they manage to impress a large amount of people. In 1984 'Reactor Records' released the band's debut album titled 'The Intoxicated EP' and only 500 copies were pressed. One year later Reactor would re-release the record onto a 12" to improve the mix. The band managed to do very well in the east side of Australia and having great tours, but they had a hard time playing in their own city. In 1985 Perdition released their second album 'How To Teach Your Budgie To Talk' LP once again by Reactor Records, and 1000 copies were pressed. unfortunately, it was one of the label's poorest selling records, as the band had moved in a less "hardcore" direction. That same year they released a split with the Melbourne band, 'Vicious Circle', which came out on the 'Flipside Records' from the U.S. Although this brought the band to an end, do to heading to a poppier sound, the band called it a quit. Still concidered to be one of the best punk bands from Australia.

1. Do We Have A Future
2. Degeneration
3. I'm Laughing
4. Dirty Bastards
5. Mass Destruction
6. Isn't It A Pity
7. Change
8. New Anarchy
9. Knife Attack


Inteview from Regression Zine #8 HERE

VA - Capitol Kaos (1984)

If you are keeping track of the albums I've been posting, this is a continuation of New Zealand's punk. Vocalist 'Void' from 'Riot 111' organized one of the biggest punk events in the history of Punk in the NZ island. 1983 was the year where all the second wave punk bands from all over the country came together and played for the whole day. Bands like 'No Tag', 'Flesh D-Vice', 'Riot 111', 'Ayrian Army (ECF)' and other great bands from the era. Sadly the festival turned into chaos after the police invasion. Other factors for shutting down the fest was the violence between skinheads, maori gangs, and selfish girlfriends. Still today is concidered to be the most historic festival in the kiwi island. One year after 'Jayrem Records' released live tracks and sealed turning a historic LP. I hope you like it.

1. Ayrian Army - Filthy Punk Rocker
2. Riot 111 - Riot Fever
3. No Tag - What A Great Cuntry
4. Flesh D-Vice - Dead Girls
5. Desperate Measures - 1984
6. Riot 111 - Move To Riot
7. 1st XV - Fascist Tango
8. 1st XV - Do Th'Jug
9. 1st XV - Residental Background
10. 1st XV - Pulled Off
11. Riot 111 - Ake Ake Ake
12. Final Solution - Never Can Tell
13. Desolator - You're Gonna Go Down
14. Aftershock - You Don't Look
15. Flesh D-Vice - Fuck Off Embarassment
16. Zyklon-B - Youth On Our Side


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Flesh D-Vice - 12 Inches Of Hard Flesh (1983)

I bring back another gem from New Zealand. 'Flesh D-Vice' had to be one of the best punk bands and most influencial 2nd wave punk in New Zealand. The band formed in 1980 and in their beginnings they had an Oi!/77 sound. The band quickly made a name for them self after the released of their debut album '12 Inches of Hard Flesh' LP in 1983 by 'Jayrem Records'. Concidered to be an Oi! band at first, shared stages with the skins from 'No Tag', even though the drummer and bass player Richard Watts from Flesh D-Vice were the only skinheads in the band. Watts later left the band after the release of the first LP. The following year the band appeared in the fabulous live compilation LP titled 'Capitol Kaos' released by 'Kaos Records'. Bands like 'No Tag', 'Riot 111', 'Aryan Army' and others appeared on the compilation. By 1984 the band released their second full-length 'Some Blood Stained Morning' by 'Jayrem Records' again. This time the band made some changes in their sound and it was going more towards the 'New Wave'. Flesh D-Vice released one more full-length album and a few EP's and also appeared on a few more compilations. Ten years after the band formed, they called it a quit. Today getting hold of their early LP's and EP's is quite hard and very expensive. For the ones who would like to buy some of their early material try checking Ebay or TradeMe (NZ bitting site). Enjoy it!

1. Baby On My Mind
2. Dead Girls
3. War Boots
4. Fuck Off Embarrasment
5. Friday Nites
6. Desolation Dogs
7. Kill That Girl Well!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dose Brutal - Dose Brutal CD (1995)

Brazil in the 80's had many great punk bands, but no punk band can compare to 'Dose Brutal'. Formed in the gigantic city of Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1980, Dose Brutal became one of the few bands to play for punks and skins, considere to be a Skunx band. By 1982 the unity between punks and skins split up and it made it hard for some bands to choose a side. Bands like 'Garotos Podres' and 'Virus 27' went towards the skinhead scene, even though Dose Brutal still managed to play for both tribes. In 1982 they were invited to play in the biggest punk festival in the history of Brazilian Punk 'O Começo Do Fim Do Mundo', the following year 'Face Da Morte Records' released live recordings from the festival on an LP. The band recorded a few demos and hit the studio in '85. They released their debut LP 'Dose Brutal' in 1987 by 'Radykaos Records' containing 7 tracks that you can see on one of the images that I've posted. Later in 1995 'ABC Records' released the same LP on a CD format including tracks from their early demos. Soon after the released of their self-titled LP the band hit the studio again the following year and recorded tracks for their second album 'Vadia' EP. The band split up before they had a chance to release the EP. In 2000 'Oi! Hammer Records' from Germany released 500 copies of 'Vadia' and sold out quick. Dose Brutal never made a comeback, but it still concidered one of the best bands that ever came out from Sao Paulo. Loved by punks and skins, even though it's ironic since both of them hate each other. I hope you like it.

1. Destino
2. Violencia
3. Humilhados
4. Carro Bomba
5. Vou Nao Vou
6. Policia
7. Anarquia Organizada
8. Jovens Explorados
9. Abandonados
10. Gritos De Guerra
11. Mundo Cruel
12. Violencia
13. O Que Fazer?
14. Desgraça Do Pais
15. Cuidado Rapaz


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Blitz - All Out Attack (1981)

Hello hello, I'm back and I bring you another fabulous gem from the 80's. If you don't know who 'Blitz' is, buddy, you best download this EP right now. Blitz, formed in 1980 from New Mills, Derbyshire, England. Blitz became one of the best Oi! bands from the early 80's, as well as being one of the first street punk bands. The band consisted of two punks and two skins, and their intentions were to bring unity between both tribes. 'All Out Attack' was released by 'No Future Records' in 1981, 1000 copies were pressed and quickly sold out every copy. Even still today it's pretty hard getting a copy of the original EP. The following year 'No Future' released what it would be Blitz masterpiece 'Voice Of A Generation' LP, which did not included tracks from 'All Out Attack'. About that same year the band started having numerous changes in their line up. In 1983 the band released their second full-length album 'Second Empire Justice' LP once again by No Future. Their fans were dissapointed and Blitz has changed their style, they were no longer a Punk band. The band came to an end in the early 90's due to musica differences among band memebers. In 2007 guitarrist/songwritter Alan "Nidge" Miller recruited new members and performed gigs under the same name. That same year Blitz did a tour in the U.S. and it led to a catastrophe. Miller was struck by a car and died on the impact while trying to walk in the freeway after a show in Austin, Texas (R.I.P.). Since then the band called it a quit. Blitz albums still sells that if they just came out, the band has sold over thousands of records all over the globe and still one of most covered band by many. I hope you love this EP as much as I do.

1. Someone's Gonna Die Tonight
2. Attack
3. Fight To Live
4. 45 Revolutioons


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Bristles - Don't Give Up EP (1983)

The Bristles are here! ahh what a great band. Formed in the early 80's in Sweden, The Bristles became one of the best punk bands in their land. Specially because they brought unity between punks and skins. The band released a few demo tapes before their debuting EP. Two of there most noticeable tapes were '1 2 Fuck You' recorded by the band and 'Ban The Punk Shops' released by 'Aga Tapes' in '83. That same year they had their release EP 'Don't Give Up' by their own label 'Bristles Punks and Skins Records'. The band put out two more EP's, 'Boys Will Be Boys' (1984), and 'Free The Prisoners' (1986). The band split up in the late 80's and never released a full length disc. In the early 2000's, I don't remember which record label, released a full discography and two live DVD of the band titled 'No Future In The Past', which is still avaliable. Well, thats all I can tell you abou The Bristles. I hope you like it.

1. Bristles Song
2. Punx & Skins
3. 3rd World War
4. Don't Give Up
5. Sick


Thursday, April 30, 2009

VA - Strength Thru Oi! (1981)

Oi!, what a great album this is. Yet, it was another controversial album in the Oi! world. It was compiled by the Oi! journalist Garry Bushell, who also released 'Oi! The Album' the previous year. What made it so controversial was that the media for the first time had a look on what Oi! really was. Instead of listening to the lyrics of the bands, they concentrated more on the album cover. 'Nick Crane' the skin in the front cover was a Nazi (gay who later died of AIDS), it was a mistake of having him. Garry and his fellows who helped him put this LP they did not know he was part of the NS movement, till later after the released when they saw a few nazi tattoos on him. The media made a big deal of it, and accused Oi! of being fascist music. It's even more surprising that the media made such a big effort to go beyond an underground music to find out the life of Nick Crane. After the accusations of being a fascist album, it was banned from all records stores. 'Decca Records' and 'Sounds Magazine' (where Garry work) had to apologise for the mistake, even though it made no diference. Through the 80's and still today Oi! music was concidered fascist music and skins gained a bad reputation of being nazis. Even though, many skins joined the National Front in the 80's. Well, today I don't think what happen back then matters anymore, in fact, I don't think a lot of people are aware of what even happen. Strength Thru Oi! has to be one of the best Oi! compilations out there. Enjoy!

1. Garry Johnson - National Service
2. 4-Skins - 1984
3. The Strike - Gang Warfare
4. Infa Riot - Riot Riot
5. Garry Johnson - Dead End Yobs
6. Last Resort - Working Class Kids
7. Criminal Class - Blood On the Streets
8. Toy Dolls - She Goes To Fino's
9. Barney Rubble - Best Years Of Our Lives
10. Cock Sparrer - Taken For A Ride (We Think You Don't)
11. Infa Riot - We Outnumber You
12. Garry Johnson - New Face Of Rock 'N' Roll
13. Barney Rubble - Beans
14. The Splodge - We're Pathetique
15. 4-Skins - Sorry
16. Cock Sparrer - Running Riot
17. Last Resort - Johnny Barden
18. The Splodge - Isubaleene (Part 2)
19. Criminal Class - Running Away
20. The Strike - Skinhead
21. Toy Dolls - Deidre's A Slag
22. Shaven Heads - Harbour Mafia Mantra (An Acapella Delight)